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Love to the rescue

From the October 1, 2018 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

The events surrounding this past summer’s rescue of members of a Thailand soccer team and their assistant coach captured attention around the world. And what jubilation there was as they were methodically, skillfully, and patiently escorted a few at a time out of that deep network of flooded caves by expert divers over a period of three days. There had been serious concerns that there were no safe options for getting them out as forecasts of more rain threatened to raise the water levels still higher. People everywhere were praying, many feeling that they could look to God, the Supreme Being, for help. As the clock ticked, teams of professional divers and experts came from many parts of the world, resources poured in, and solutions began to emerge. And when those boys were finally out of the cave—asking for fried chicken, chocolate, and other favorite foods—the global family smiled and rejoiced together. 

The rescue provides a vivid illustration that inspires hope for any of us who find ourselves stuck in a dark place of our own—such as a pit of loneliness or depression—or boxed in to a set of circumstances with a job, physical issue, or relationship where we just can’t see a way out. As hopelessly trapped as we may appear to be, there is hope offered by understanding more about the nature of divine Love. In fact, God—omnipresent, omnipotent Love—is sending a “rescue team” of spiritual ideas to save us. 

Consider that if divine Love can impart the intelligence and skill and care that led to the safe removal of those young men from flooding caves half a mile or more underground, beneath a mountain, and in monsoon season, then, as Mary Baker Eddy writes in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, “What cannot God do?” (p. 135). 

Our actual lifeline is the spiritual truth that God made each of us as His cherished child, His spiritual idea, and is continually sending His Christ—the presence and power of divine Truth and Love—“to the rescue.” This powerful, far-reaching Truth is rescuing you! And it is able to release you from all the drama, limitations, and entrapments of a mortal sense of life that cries, “I’m stuck! There is no way out!” That’s just not true. 

There is a way out for you—through learning and trusting the spiritual facts of God’s law of love, divine Science. As a child of God, the spiritual idea of God, none of us can actually be cut off from His help. You’re not stuck, but are actually dwelling in the consciousness of divine Love right now, and you can see that become evident in your life as you open your heart and mind to God.  

You are not actually caught in a human set of circumstances filled with personalities with separate egos, agendas, and wills.  

You are not actually caught in a human set of circumstances filled with personalities with separate egos, agendas, and wills. There is one God; one Mind; one divine will; one divine Ego that created and governs all of us; one divine, beautiful, unlimited plan governing every last detail of your life and the lives of all.

As God’s spiritual idea, you are not ensnared in a material body made of chemicals, bones, muscles, organs, and cells, with out-of-control systems flooding consciousness with fear. You are not trapped in material, threatening, adverse conditions; you are not vulnerable to disaster or death. Instead, you are 100 percent spiritual—governed right now by God, free and whole. You, as God’s spiritual idea, have all the “oxygen” you need, which could be thought of as inspiration flowing from the infinite energies of Spirit. You have all the spiritual vision and courage you need, both of which are provided by the light of divine, eternal Mind.

You have a whole “rescue team” of angels—ideas or messages from God, who is always present, leading you through the darkness and dire prognoses of limited, mortal thought and its anticipation of evil. God is always showing each of us the present harmony in our lives. You are not alone; the rescue angels are escorting you out of daunting beliefs and fears! You have the arms of Love underneath you, around you, and above you—leading the way for you, accompanying your every move forward, and having your back. God, “the sustaining infinite” (Science and Health, p. vii), is sustaining you, and His divine, scientific laws of good are propelling you forward now!

The book of Isaiah proclaims, “All the trees of the field shall clap their hands” (55:12). God’s universe is celebrating your, and everyone’s, freedom, which is right at hand now and always. Just as we are celebrating the freedom of those young men, we are celebrating this for you and all!

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