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Prayer for elections and government

- Sentinel Audio Chat

In this chat, Rob shares how prayer can be a powerful influence for good in government, regardless of who wins the election. Acknowledging media reports “that we’re faced with two contrasting and competing visions for the United States in this election," Rob says, "if that's true, I think that’s vitally important. So I’ve been praying, not just in terms of how to vote, but how to bring divine power to bear upon complex issues." He shares a range of inspiring ideas that rise above mere partisanship or polarization, and talks about how "divine power" can always bring wisdom, guidance, and peace.

Rob responds to questions on the privilege and integrity of voting, dealing with "doom and gloom" predictions if the "other" candidate wins, confusion over how to vote, frustration with seemingly inept and corrupt leaders, the fear of recounts and an election process that could drag on for weeks, the apparently perpetual gridlock in Congress, and whether prayer really can make a difference in politics after all.

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