Healing through understanding your true nature

One day several years ago after I had taken a fall from a low porch, a bone in my ankle was out of place, and it was painful. I turned to God for healing. At the end of several days of prayer there was a moment of spiritual insight that resulted in immediate healing.

What is involved in a healing like this? Understanding man's true nature as the idea of God; understanding the mortally mental nature of the physical body; letting the truths of God and man spiritualize human thought, thus healing the body.

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Let's examine each of these. First, understanding man's true nature as the idea of God is fundamental to healing. Christ Jesus taught the true nature of God, explaining, "God is a Spirit." John 4:24. Christian Science explains that God, Spirit, expresses Himself through His creation, man. Therefore man is really of Spirit, not of matter.

Isn't an awakening to this true nature of man what the Apostle Paul is describing when he writes, "It is sown a natural body: it is raised a spiritual body"? And, "As we have borne the image of the earthy, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly"? He adds, "Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God." I Cor. 15:44, 49, 50.

Man is really expressive of God's qualities—God's love, truth, wisdom, purity, holiness, and so forth. The number and variety of qualities are endless, as infinite as God. Being made of God's qualities, man is really inseparable from God. He coexists with God.

The divine qualities man embodies characterize man's only true identity or nature. Man's identity evidences God's existence and presence. God is responsible for the maintenance, continuity, protection, and control of His qualities in His expression, man.

God is Life; therefore, His qualities are eternally active. This activity constitutes man's true functions, and these are forever harmonious.

God does not express Himself through matter. He is not housed in matter or dependent on matter. Not one of His qualities can ever be discordant or wear out. The embodiment of God's perfect attributes is forever at the standpoint of harmony and health.

A second aid in healing is to understand the mental nature of the physical body. The physical body is the objectification or externalization of human thought. In Science and Health Mrs. Eddy explains: "A material body only expresses a material and mortal mind. A mortal man possesses this body, and he makes it harmonious or discordant according to the images of thought impressed upon it." Science and Health, p. 208.

In his healing ministry, Jesus at times questioned an individual—not about his physical condition, but about his faith. He sometimes gave instructions, but these were not about the physical care of the body; their purpose was to turn the individual away from sin, fear, or ignorance. He sometimes required action—not designed to change matter but to furnish evidence of a reformed mentality.

This is good news for us all. If the body appears discordant in any way, we know how to correct the condition. We certainly don't need to examine or dwell on the material body or have a physical diagnosis. But we do examine our thought for the purpose of correcting and spiritualizing it. If sin, fear, ignorance— any mortal belief—is stealing its way into thought, our bodies may manifest physical disorder or disruption.

Errors of belief sometimes operate very subtly. Believing we are mortal, we may unconsciously fear disease because of the imperfect and fragile nature of matter. We may be ignorant in some way of how God's power and allness exempt us from disease or the limitations of matter. We may unconsciously be engaging in sin—seeking good in matter instead of in God.

Whatever we consciously cherish in thought is echoed on the body. Science and Health counsels, "You embrace your body in your thought, and you should delineate upon it thoughts of health, not of sickness." Ibid. However, healing is not to be found in human thought. Healing is found in God, divine Mind, the source and controller of all right ideas.

A third point in healing is that as the truths of God and man spiritualize human thought, the physical body is healed. When some aspect of the physical body is discordant, health is restored by recognizing that man is really Godlike, reflecting divinely perfect qualities. This truth dislodges the error in thought that is, in belief, causing the problem. When the false belief is replaced by the truth of being, healing occurs naturally.

Healing may require specific study in the Bible or Mrs. Eddy's writings. This study corrects and uplifts thought. As specific truths pour in, material beliefs of sickness, mortality, fear, or sin are ruled out. Purified consciousness is then manifested in more normal bodily functions.

Realizing the truth of God and man is scientific prayer. We give vitality, energy, and life to this prayer by actively working to let God's qualities permeate our thought and dictate our words and actions.

We may find sometimes that we have prayed earnestly and are not yet healed. We may wonder what more we can possibly do. We can rededicate ourselves to actively expressing love, wisdom, purity, honesty, and so forth more consistently hour by hour, minute by minute. In this way, we are expressing more of our true nature and of the substance of real being.

After I had fallen off the porch and injured my ankle, I prayed. I turned away from the material evidence of a bone out of place and a painful ankle. I saw that the problem wasn't really in matter. Since the body mirrors thought, healing would result from spiritualizing my thought, and from nothing else. I used a Concordance to research the words bones and dislocation in Mrs. Eddy's writings. I examined the substance of my thought. Then the cause of the problem came to light. I was being willful and selfish about a question I was facing. The qualities of humility and meekness were out of place.

Having identified the apparent cause, I needed to know the reality. I turned completely away from both material evidence and human reasoning. I turned to God, divine Mind, and realized that man is never out of place. Nor is any facet of man's true being out of place, because not one of God's qualities is ever dislocated. Every quality of God is always present and perfectly maintained by divine Mind.

As I glimpsed the true nature of God and man, the false belief of man as mortal, selfish, and willful dissolved. I resolved to accept the true qualities of God into consciousness and let them govern me. At the moment I made this mental resolve (after several days of disability and discomfort) the bone went back into place. The pain ceased. Normal action resumed. The truth of being had dislodged to some degree the material belief of a mortal man with a mortal will and ego. And this correction was expressed in a normal body.

In healing, an understanding of the nature of God and man and their inseparable oneness is essential. Since the physical body expresses a material mentality, the body is healed when we reject the evidence of matter or disease and know only the truth of God and man. When thought is transformed by Truth, the body is healed.

The circle
March 12, 1984

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