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Normal bodily function restored

From the July 9, 2018 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

During my senior year of high school, my body began retaining water. As the year progressed, my clothes no longer fit, and my face would be swollen when I got out of bed in the morning. Still, I was able to maintain my schoolwork and activities.

I was praying as I was taught in the Christian Science Sunday School, and I also had prayerful treatment from Christian Science practitioners at different times. Because the problem persisted, I ended up taking time off from my first year of college to devote more time to prayer. 

One day, as I was reading an article in a pamphlet published by The Christian Science Publishing Society, this statement stood out to me: “A mind imbued with love and joy possesses an inherent resilience which enables it to rebound naturally from evil suggestions—even as a rubber ball, forced out of shape, springs naturally back into shape as soon as the outside pressure is removed” (Theodore Wallach, “Is Happiness Beyond Your Reach?Sentinel, January 20, 1945). 

It was as though a light turned on in my thought! Until that moment, I hadn’t realized that I had been feeling pressure about what lay ahead in my life—what degree I should pursue in college, whether I would get married and have kids, and so on. It dawned on me that I didn’t need to have all the answers for my future at that moment, and that I was not responsible for coming up with the answers. Just as we wait patiently for a flower to open its petals to reveal its beauty, I could wait patiently for God, who is divine Mind, to reveal my future steps. Through spiritual understanding, I knew I could rely on God to direct my life.

A sense of peace came over me. With the change in my thought from fear to trust, I knew I was healed! Soon the symptoms began to fade, and within a short time my body resumed its normal shape and size. There has been neither a return of the symptoms nor a fear that they might return. It was (and is) obvious that because the change in my thought brought about a change in my experience, the problem was not of a physical nature, but was completely mental.

I am so very grateful for the spiritual education I gained through attending the Christian Science Sunday School, for the opportunity to have Christian Science class instruction, and for the many blessings that have come through branch church membership.

Carol Miller 
Northern California, US

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