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How I prayed when I felt sick before my exams

From the October 19, 2020 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

Four days before my science finals in school, I started experiencing the symptoms of a cold. At first, the sneezing and coughing weren’t that bad, but by the next morning, they’d become very aggressive. 

Because I’ve had many healings through Christian Science, I quickly called a Christian Science practitioner (who was also my Christian Science Sunday School teacher) and asked for her prayerful help. She lovingly agreed to pray for me and reminded me of what we’d been doing in my Sunday School in Chandigarh: Two weeks before, we had talked about issues that might come up during our exams, and our teachers had asked us to write down spiritual ideas to help us pray about those problems in advance. We’d used that week’s Christian Science Bible Lesson (found in the Christian Science Quarterly) on the subject “Mind” as our inspiration. The practitioner suggested I refer back to that list of issues and read my answer to the question about how I could pray if I wasn’t feeling well before an exam.

After we hung up, I went back to my notes and saw that I’d written down a passage from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy as my response: “Science not only reveals the origin of all disease as mental, but it also declares that all disease is cured by divine Mind” (p. 169). I saw that I could trust God to heal me.

I also prayed with another passage from Science and Health that the practitioner had shared with me: “Take possession of your body, and govern its feeling and action. Rise in the strength of Spirit to resist all that is unlike good” (p. 393).

I could trust God to heal me.

As I prayed with this idea, I understood more clearly that because God gives me only good, these symptoms couldn’t be part of me, since they weren’t good. I realized that I had the strength from God to rise up mentally and “dust off” anything that wasn’t good, just like I would brush sand off my clothes. 

The next day I felt better but was not completely healed, so the practitioner asked me to read Hymn 221 in the Christian Science Hymnal. The last part of this hymn says:

Thy kingdom, God, within us 
   Shows forth Love’s sweet control. 
God’s idea, man, rejoices; 
   He knows the reign of Soul. 
(Margaret G. Matters) 

I understood that since the kingdom of God—true health and harmony—is within me and permanent, nothing could rob me of my health and wholeness. 

By the next day, which was the day before my final science exam, I was completely healed. And I did very well on the exam! I thank God for this healing.


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