Letters from the Field

"It is with the most profound sense of gratitude that I wish to let you know of the benefit received while a guest at the Christian Science Sanatorium during the past two weeks. From the moment of my entrance into the building a sense of uplift was with me. Surely the love of God is there; and it was shown to me from every one, from guests as well as from officials and associates. To me it was

"'Each smile a hymn, each kindly deed a prayer ...
Each loving life a psalm of gratitude.'

And may I in this connection quote our dear Leader's words on page 254 of Science and Health: 'Pilgrim on earth, thy home is heaven; stranger, thou art the guest of God.'

"Again, let me thank you for the privilege of being there, and for the love expressed.

(Signed) "H. A. Littlefield."

"A deep sense of gratitude impels me to write you. I am grateful for the blessing my son Gregory has experienced in the privilege of being a guest at the Sanatorium of The Christian Science Benevolent Association so many weeks. Not only has there been great physical healing, but there has been a wonderful spiritual awakening, which is not only attributable to the work of a loving practitioner, but to the whole atmosphere of the Sanatorium, made by the attitude of all the workers in turning away from the material sense of things to the spiritual reality, with the desire to 'hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true' (Science and Health, p. 261).

(Signed) "Eugenie B. Abbott."

"Gratitude compels me to write to you in order to express my more than appreciation for the opportunity granted to me of spending a short time in the Christian Science Sanatorium. Never shall I forget the humility, obedience, cheerfulness, and love of all the inmates and workers. The spiritual atmosphere of Life and Truth surrounds everything; and all one has to do is to drink it in to his fullest capacity. This rare privilege can only be adequately appreciated by those who have had this blessed experience.

"You are surely doing the work God has given you to do; and may the Almighty bless all your present and future undertakings. (Signed) "John A. Price."

"May I express to you, ere I leave, my appreciation for the privilege of spending five weeks in this home [the Christian Science Sanatorium]? There have been rare opportunities for study and growth, and these have brought to me much of good. I am taking with me the most loving thought for all here; and I shall do my part in making known the beautiful work The Christian Science Benevolent Association is doing.

"I thank you for all the attention I have had; and trust I may some time come again.

(Signed) "Jessie T. Coddington."

"The memory of my few days at the Christian Science Sanatorium is still fresh in my thought; and I can assure you my healing is a great blessing.

(Signed) "Alice I. Fuller."

"I was greatly benefited by my stay at the Christian Science Sanatorium; for which I am indeed very grateful. May God bless you all, is my prayer.

(Signed) "W. M. Duffey."

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