A new Sentinel for you and all

Dear Reader,

Many of you have responded both enthusiastically and with questions about upcoming changes to the Sentinel, such as: “Is the new Sentinel for the public rather than Christian Scientists?” “Does the digital focus mean you’ll abandon the print magazine?” “Is this about cost-cutting?” “Is the Sentinel becoming metaphysics-lite?”

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First, we truly welcome your questions. For 122 years, the inspiration of our community members has powered the Sentinel. You are its readers, writers, and champions. We’re grateful for you. 

Second, our touchstone for progress is Jesus’ command printed on the cover of every issue, “What I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.All includes Christian Scientists and the public. Indeed, it’s this spirit of “and” that animates the Sentinel’s next steps. 

For new and experienced thought-watchers: The Sentinel’s core premise is simple: What’s in our thought matters; it shapes our and others’ experience. So it bears watching. This concept is graspable by those new to the Science of the Christ. And it’s central to experienced Christian Scientists, who wisely guard the door of their thought as well as watch expectantly for divine Love’s inspirations.

Quick digital and quiet print: The new digital format will deliver content instantly to your devices. When global events stir thought, editors will send rapid responses to help meet subscribers’ desire to be spiritually alert; the print format enables readers to set aside digital distractions and absorb spiritual substance. 

More focused and efficient: Editors are crafting each new issue to contain straight-to-the-point resources. The new print format will be more concise, with a simpler design. We expect these changes to be revenue neutral, with small savings in printing offset by small increases in producing new, varied digital content. But far more important, production times will be shorter, so content arrives faster—supporting a more responsive spiritual watch. 

Deep and accessible: Some of Jesus’ most profound teachings, such as the Beatitudes, were delivered with utmost simplicity. That’s the standard we aspire to, always.

Please keep emailing us at conversation@csps.com. And thank you, truly, for joining in to witness the Sentinel’s expanding impact, reflecting God’s infinite embrace of all humanity. 

Abraham McLaughlin
Manager, The Christian Science Publishing Society

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