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Protection and healing during hurricane

From the June 11, 2018 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

I was planning to visit Houston, Texas, for several weeks to help family friends with the birth of their second child. Before the trip, I had quieted my thought and listened in prayer for God’s direction and guidance about the best time to arrive. My friends were also in the process of moving and selling their house, and through prayer, it became clear to me that I should arrive enough in advance of the baby’s due date to help them with this as well. 

My visit turned out to have been timed perfectly. My friends had been working with a Christian Science practitioner throughout the pregnancy, relocation, and job change. And with the practitioner’s prayerful support, we witnessed God’s precise and loving guidance through the birth of the baby and the listing and quick sale of the house. I was so grateful to have been able to open my thought to God’s message and to listen for the right time to support my friends.

A week after the birth of their child, however, heavy bands of rain from Hurricane Harvey stalled over our area of Houston. Many inches of water fell in a short period of time, quickly flooding creeks, streets, and many houses. The father of the family had left town the day before the rain, on a last-minute house-hunting trip to where the family was relocating. Truly, none of us had expected so much rain. When the water level rose to within a few feet of the house, and the forecast called for continued rain, the mother and I started preparing to evacuate. 

As we packed and prepared the house, I remembered a healing from years before, when I was serving as First Reader for my local Church of Christ, Scientist. During a storm, I was preparing readings from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy for a Wednesday testimony meeting, when I felt God speaking to me to change my topic to floods. My own backyard was flooding, and I immediately prepared readings on that topic. During this prayerful time, while the rain never lessened, the water on my property began to recede. It was proof to me of a statement from Science and Health: “Adhesion, cohesion, and attraction are properties of Mind. They belong to divine Principle, and support the equipoise of that thought-force, which launched the earth in its orbit and said to the proud wave, ‘Thus far and no farther’ ” (p. 124). Now, during our evacuation preparations in Houston, I realized that the prayerful work done on floods 23 years earlier was still applicable. 

“Thus far and no farther!” This statement, paraphrased from Job 38:11, reminded me that God is continuously in control. I knew God was the healing cause in every situation, as I had seen in my own experience and had recently witnessed in the harmonious unfolding of my friends’ experiences. 

I was never afraid during Hurricane Harvey. I mentally declared that God is the only cause. God never produces harm or danger and is right with us to protect His creation. 

Also during this time, I had been bothered by a persistent cough. While I never felt ill, the coughing was disturbing day and night. As I continued to pray about the flooding, I silently declared that my purity was always intact and could never be interrupted. Shortly after I prayed this way, the water began to recede and the cough disappeared. What gratitude I felt that not only had my cough gone away, but also there was no need to evacuate! 

We continued to witness proof of God’s goodness over the next few days. The baby’s care was never interrupted, and the father’s house-hunting trip was successful.

While the Houston airports had closed because of flooding, stranding me in Houston and the father out of state, I held firmly to the fact that God, divine Mind, directs and governs all right activity. 

Within a few days, it worked out beautifully for us to both travel through a nearby city’s airport. I was able to drive to the airport with the father’s car, meet him with the key, and fly back to my destination. I was amazed, too, that the roads I needed to travel on were free from water and debris. I saw this as another example of God’s provision.

I am tremendously grateful for God’s protection and care during this time. I am also filled with gratitude for my physical healing and for the teachings of Christian Science. Thank you, heavenly Father!

Terri A. Carver 
Marietta, Georgia, US

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