[Ability to demonstrate Christian Science comes with study and practice of the truth taught by Christ Jesus and revealed in Science and Health. This series touches upon some ways in which this truth can be applied.]

Healing through denial and affirmation

Men and women are not material, as the physical senses claim—mortal, sick, sinful, crippled, in pain, poverty-stricken, unemployed, lonely. They are spiritual children of God, immortal, loved and cared for by the all-powerful, divine Father, heirs to His infinite riches of Life and Love, whole, healthy, harmonious, satisfied.

Healing takes place when one denies the mortal picture of error and affirms the spiritual, true image of God's perfection.

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If we are confronted with the appearance of deformity, lack, disease—discord in any form—either in our own or another's body or experience, it is important to deny such an error promptly and to affirm with conviction the spiritual truth of perfect being in God's image.

True being is not material but spiritual. One's own true identity, and that of every other individual, is created by God, divine Principle, and is the pure and exact reflection of the one immortal creator. Each one is intelligent, free, intact, satisfied, maintained in God's perfect likeness—never enslaved, fragmented, a victim of lack or chance. Evidence of discord is always false. It is not supported by God's power; so when it is denied and replaced by strong affirmations of Truth, it cannot stand.

If a person seems sick or unhappy, this is not the truth of his being. It is a false concept imposed upon human consciousness and should be denied. If this discordant, material picture is recognized to be a lie, and if it is resolutely rejected and replaced with the understanding of the presence of the perfect image of God, that false concept will be erased from consciousness and healing will follow.

Mrs. Eddy writes, "By lifting thought above error, or disease, and contending persistently for truth, you destroy error." Science and Health, p. 400.

Praying for Peace
April 8, 1972

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