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Skin eruption cleared

From the May 4, 2015 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

Some years ago an ugly skin eruption appeared on my face and wouldn’t go away. I tried to keep my face clean and avoided touching it, as it appeared the condition was spreading. Because it seemed serious, an official at my school advised my parents and me that I should stay home. 

While at home, I prayed each day over the next week. During that time I made progress in seeing that my true spiritual identity was never touched by evil of any kind. The major turning point came when I found this passage in the Bible: “If thou prepare thine heart, and stretch out thine hands toward him; if iniquity be in thine hand, put it far away, and let not wickedness dwell in thy tabernacles. For then shalt thou lift up thy face without spot” (Job 11:13–15). 

I remember acknowledging that there was divine logic behind this passage. I started reasoning from the fact that because God is Truth, He is without error or spot. Because God is divine Love and is infinite, there is no room for anger, hate, or evil. Because God is Principle, there is no place for mistakes, nor could anything be out of alignment with God’s law of good. And because God is without spot, I must also be without any kind of spot, or error.

Part of the reason this logic was helpful was that I had recently moved to a new home, and it was not in a place I enjoyed. In many ways I wasn’t happy. However, through prayer, I began to acknowledge that God, Love, was in control, and that my family and I could never be left out of His care or good plan. As I saw that, my hateful feelings toward my new home eased, and I began to feel grateful for God’s goodness. And when I affirmed that God’s perfection also applied to me as His child, the fear about the appearance of my face started to ebb. 

Up to that point I had been using an antiseptic cleanser on my face. Through prayer, I discerned that I had been secretly hoping that this cleaning agent might remedy the skin condition. However, when I realized that this mixture of reliance on both matter and Spirit was delaying the healing, I stopped using the antiseptic and acknowledged that God is the only power. I saw that the skin eruption was nothing but an eruption of fear—a fearful belief that I could be outside of God’s care. 

I had learned in Sunday School that fear is an illusion—a belief of mortal mind that cannot be real, because God is the only Mind. I became convinced that my true identity is not a material physique but entirely spiritual, the reflection of God, Spirit, which could not be marred. In reality, I was pure, whole, good—spotless.

After I had this change in thinking, the skin condition cleared quickly, for which I’m very grateful. An additional blessing was that people at my school noticed the change and wanted to know what had healed me. This gave me opportunities to share Christian Science with my friends and classmates.

Tad Blake-Weber
Waltham, Massachusetts, US

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