God's help in solving problems

When we gain a view of the infinite nature of God's goodness, human problems are shown to be small-time indeed.

As I thanked someone for something he had done for me, he promptly replied, "No problem!" I smiled as I thought of how often we hear that response when we thank people for something. It's almost a reflex response that's usually said quickly, easily, and kindly.

Later in the day I had occasion to think more deeply about that statement. I was talking with several friends who were not only facing problems in their personal lives but were also concerned about current national and international difficulties. These people were accustomed to turning to God in prayer for practical solutions. But where to begin? Should they first pray for themselves, then for their families, and then for the world? Along those same lines, how should they respond to friends who came to them to discuss still other problems? They needed to find a way to be compassionate and caring, yet not be overwhelmed with the sheer volume of issues needing to be resolved.

As I listened, I remembered that gentle voice from earlier in the day: "No problem." I realized that this response was worth considering more deeply with respect to our approach to prayer. I saw that we can turn to God with a troubled heart, ask for His help, and hear His quick and tender answer "No problem." Why? Because no problem is beyond the power of God to help and heal.

Prayer opens our thought to see that the Bible's assurance is true, that God "made the world and all things therein." God, being Spirit, causes and maintains the world He created to be spiritual and good. God's creation is neither material nor too complex to cope with. Everything in God's universe, including man, expresses harmony. Because God created man in His image, man does not act independently of God. He acts in unison with God as His image, or reflection. Nothing in spiritual creation has the capacity to act contrary to God or to recreate a material universe full of problems. Man moves in accord with the Mind that created him. In divine Mind there are no problems to solve. There is only infinite perfection.

Where, then, do problems come from if they don't exist in God's creation? They exist only within a material view of creation, where man appears mortal and life appears to be separate from God. Within this limited material view, people are defined, and often confined, by their role in the family, office, school, or community. As people act and react with others in the course of a day, life can seem to fill up with unresolved and complicated problems. Human assumptions often make people feel that issues are just too complex for any kind of solution.

Yet, this need not be so. The Bible and the teachings of Christian Science encourage us to turn to God as the first and only resort in solving problems because what we're actually turning to is the reality of being, to the way things truly are. Through these teachings we learn that God and man are inseparable as Principle and idea. What does that mean when we're facing problems? It means we have our relationship with God to depend upon. The compassion, wisdom, and integrity we need, we have—as God's idea, or reflection. When we express these qualities in daily living, the very power of God is brought to light. Regardless of the situation we find ourselves in, God's power can heal and transform it—proving it to be "no problem"—to the degree we conform with His divine will and wisdom.

As we begin to view life from a more spiritual basis, we discover we have a firm foundation for settling even complex issues. We can learn a great deal about the spiritual nature of being when we study the life of Christ Jesus. He was confronted by difficult and demanding situations every day. Yet he faced all these issues with the spiritual poise and confidence that recognize man's unity with God. Jesus constantly turned away from discordant material evidence to man's spiritual relationship with God.

Christ Jesus faced demanding situations with the spiritual poise that came from knowing man's unity with God.

Throughout his ministry Jesus understood, and helped others understand, that God's healing power was never limited to, or by, an individual. The power behind his healing work was the Christ, Truth, available to everyone who lives in accord with God, who lives in accord with the spiritual laws expressed in the Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount. Thus Jesus could say, "If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you."

Here, then, is the spiritual foundation for solving problems: to abide in Christ, Truth; to remain conscious of the power and presence of God, where all healing takes place. Through prayer we can lift thought above the human reasoning that pores over endless details, factors, and ramifications of our apparent problem. This higher perspective allows us to recognize man's spiritual identity as defined and maintained by Christ, or Truth, which gives us dominion over anything that opposes itself to the divine order.

I found these ideas helpful when facing a problem recently. My husband was helping me with a computer project that should have made my work easier. Instead, everything was becoming more difficult, complicated, and extremely time-consuming. The project bogged down in anger with each other and frustration over the situation. At the end of a week, when we were no closer to a solution as to how to proceed, I decided to go off alone for a walk to try and sort things out.

I found myself thinking about something Mrs. Eddy wrote in The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany. She says, "Divine Life, Truth, Love is the basic Principle of all Science, it solves the problem of being; and nothing that worketh ill can enter into the solution of God's problems." I realized that my problem could never be resolved within the limited context of conflicting human opinions and disappointments. I must take the problem to God. I could turn to Him in prayer and know that in His presence a complete and gracious solution could be worked out. The issue certainly could be solved in the light of God's infinite goodness, which flows impartially and without interruption to everyone. By knowing this, my husband and I could freely express the warmth of appreciation and affection that has its source in divine Love.

As I thought deeply about these spiritual truths, I felt the mental quiet and gentleness of God's presence. In the stillness of prayer I remembered a verse from II Corinthians that reminds us that solutions to the world's problems do not come from human means and methods but from God. The Moffatt Bible translates part of the passage this way: "... I take every project prisoner to make it obey Christ ...." (The King James Version of this verse reads, "... and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.") This encouraged me to be willing to turn away from all merely human reasoning, wondering, planning. It enabled me to bring the situation, through prayer, into the presence of the Christ, the power of God. There, every detail is governed and controlled by divine intelligence. I could faithfully trust that every aspect of this joint undertaking would be taken care of according to God's unerring wisdom.

I returned from my walk to a very warm and cordial greeting from my husband. We both felt the depth of our appreciation for each other and the worth of what we were trying to accomplish. Within days the difficulty was fully settled in a most unexpected way. A friend we had not seen in over fifteen years was in the area and stopped by to visit. When we told him about the stalled project, he not only had the answer but provided what we needed to solve the problem simply, easily, and quickly. The added blessing was that what we had worked out together at home for my benefit, subsequently became extremely helpful to my husband and his entire office.

While our challenge may have been modest in light of other, more urgent world problems, it helped us to understand better how prayer can help. When we are confronted with problems, we don't need to feel overwhelmed. We can know that intelligent answers emerge as we turn to God and affirm man's unity with Him. We can joyously recognize that, in reality, there is only the presence of the one infinite, divine Mind, embracing man and the universe in infinite perfection. We begin to understand why we can turn to God for help and hear His kind and compassionate answer, "No problem!"

Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? there is no searching of his understanding.

Isaiah 40:28

Divine energies cancel burnout
May 20, 1991

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