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Finding home

- Sentinel Audio Chat

In her opening comments, Jill says home should “give us a sense of comfort, of happiness, of being cared for, loved, cherished, and welcomed.” Yet she acknowledges that “there are those who do not experience this sense of home and are living with discords, with great difficulties, and with friction. So is there a way we can pray about home so that harmony and peace can be expressed and felt under all circumstances?”

In this chat, Jill answers many heartfelt questions that touch on nearly all those circumstances where harmony and peace might not be felt, including fears of losing one’s home, finding the “right” home against all odds, dealing with underwater mortgages, overcoming financial limitations, keeping a home clean and clear of clutter, dealing with divorce and its impact on a home, helping those who have suffered abuse in the home, and praying for the homeless as well as for refugees in war-torn countries such as Syria.

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