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They're called the Ten Commandments and they are so cool!

Let me tell you about the most famous ten rules. They're called Ten Commandments, and they are so cool!

They were written by Moses a long time ago for all of God's children to know what's no-no!

It's good to have fun, but you have to know how. Follow these rules to be happy right now!

The first rule is easy.

I'll tell it to you:
Make God number one,
and NOT number two!

"Love God with all of your
heart, mind, and soul."
Jesus said it this way,
and it's always the goal.

The second rule says:
Do not make other gods.
Don't worship your toys,
TV, idols, hot rods ....

In the sky, on the earth,
way down deep in the sea,
nothing compares
to the one Almighty.

The third rule is simple.

Just watch what you say.
Do not use God's name
in a false or bad way.

Jesus added to that.
He said, "Don't swear at all;
a yes or a no
is a good and wise call."

Keep the Sabbath day holy,

Rule four does proclaim.
Rest in God's love
and honor His name.

Sing praises to God
who gave you this rest.
Study His Word.
Be glad! You are blessed.

And honor your father
and mother, please, too.
The fifth rule says
it will bring blessings to you!

Be kind and polite,
be helpful and good.
Study your lessons,
and do as you should.

"Thou shalt not kill"
is rule number six.
The God who is Life
made this rule—it makes sense!

Christ Jesus explained it:
Don't even get mad.
The first step is anger,
and this too is bad.

Rule number seven is
keep marriage pure.
Don't mix in the ways of the world,
that's for sure!

Christ Jesus said this one
begins with your thought.
So don't think about things
you know you should not.

Don't take things from others
is rule number eight.
Ask for them nicely,
or simply just wait.

If you follow God's rules,
you'll have all that you need.
But you have to be patient—
and then you will see.

Don't be a false witness.
Say things that are true.
Rule nine means don't lie
—you know what to do!

If you make a mistake,
do not run and hide.
Ask God for help,
and He'll stand by your side.

Do not be jealous
of what others have.
Rule ten says it's wrong
—not just slightly bad.

God will give you
everything that you need,
but you don't always need
everything that you see!

These rules are good rules, you should know from the start.
So, read them again 'til you know them by heart!

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