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Discovering God's grace

- Sentinel Audio Chat

In his opening comments, Scott acknowledges a broad Christian definition of grace as “God’s unmerited favor and mercy. It isn’t something you seek to earn. It just flows from the nature of God being divine Love.” Scott adds that our role in relating to God’s grace is simply to “recognize this freely given love of God and the rightness of our asking to have more of it in our lives.”

Scott responds to some heartfelt questions such as, How can I cultivate more grace in my life when it has always been a mystery to me? How can I feel God’s grace with me at all times, instead of seeing it come and go? How can I find a sense of self-worth, especially after working so hard on a longtime challenge that isn’t being healed, and when all I feel is, “Where is the grace?” And how do you respond with grace when you are confronted with unfair hostility and/or unwanted advances from others?

Listen in for Scott’s uplifting and healing answers on this vast and deeply important topic.

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