Wandering, or "lazy," eye healed

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When my son was about four or five, we began to notice he seemed to have a wandering, or “lazy,” eye. My husband and I prayed about the situation right away, and because we had had some marvelous healings ourselves, we felt confident that healing would come. Then his teachers noticed the condition and told me I should take him to a doctor to have the condition taken care of. I acted on the teachers’ request and made an appointment with an eye specialist.

After the examination the doctor gave me three choices: our son could do eye exercises, wear an eye patch, or have an eye operation—or perhaps some combination of these possibilities. At that point I felt that the best solution would be to obtain treatment for my son from a Christian Science practitioner. A practitioner is someone who devotes his or her full time to spiritual healing, and I felt someone with this kind of professional experience would be able to help us break through whatever it was that seemed to be impeding the healing.

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As a result of this contact with the practitioner, it became clear that both my husband and I needed to do a better job of maintaining a spiritual atmosphere that would support healing in our home. We also had different ideas about discipline, eating habits, schedules, and more, and again, these attitudes just weren’t conducive to the healing we and our son had been praying to see. These decisions, which we reached by sincere prayer on both sides, resulted in more harmony for everyone. It also kept our thoughts filled with Truth and a desire to understand it. This made healing a natural outcome.

In my own prayers about the specific physical condition, I found this statement from Jesus very helpful: “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” To me, the eye being single meant focused, perfectly set, and this would occur as we obeyed what we presently understood of Christian Science.

As some practical steps toward maintaining a spiritual atmosphere for the healing, we decided that each morning we would pray and read the Bible Lesson (from the Christian Science Quarterly) together. We also agreed that we would not raise our voices in front of our son, nor would we argue in front of him—two habits which we had fallen into but now wanted to correct.

We prayed diligently, as did the practitioner, to recognize that Christian Science healing comes about as a result of God’s law, and so it isn’t subject to chance. Neither of us was ever afraid or doubtful about the healing because we knew that under the scientific laws of God the condition would disappear.

Part of the discipline we took on was endeavoring to maintain a consistently peace-filled and loving atmosphere, as well as a united front, for our son. We recognized that God, the one Mind, was governing all of us, because we were Mind’s spiritual ideas. Each of us was at one with this Mind and with each other as we aligned our thought with divine wisdom, and practiced obedience to His/Her leadings and guidance.

We each prayed to overcome the temptation to get our own way, and really tried to listen for God’s direction. We also learned to be more humble with each other. This included being more aware of each other’s needs and acting more unselfishly to do what would ultimately bless our son.

Gradually, we overcame the bad habits mentioned above, and developed a deeper spiritual sense of perception. We became more obedient to God. As we devoted ourselves to doing this, the atmosphere in our home improved. There was healing in the relationship and we both felt more peace regarding our son’s care.

More and more we were able to trust each other’s judgment and assessment of parental duties and demands. We learned to stop reacting and, instead, to wait for the right angel thought or action with which to respond. We grew to expect progress, and had a more hallowed home.

It wasn’t too long, perhaps three or four weeks’ time, before our son had a most wonderful healing. His eye no longer wandered, and it has stayed normal in the many years since this healing. We were ever so grateful. During this time we learned some profound lessons. Both my husband’s family and mine saw the effects of Christian Science in action. And, gloriously, once again we saw that there truly is nothing that our Father-Mother cannot redeem and heal. As our understanding of God clarifies and deepens, healing must come.

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