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Running injury healed

From the April 9, 2018 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

Over a year ago, I injured my knee during my evening run. I had been making noticeable progress in running, and was very grateful for that—then the injury seemed to come out of nowhere. However, I felt confident that praying in the way I’ve been taught in Christian Science would heal my knee.

I learned years ago in Christian Science Sunday School and in my home experience that I could have wonderful healings if I applied Christian Science to any situation. But when this problem did not improve through my own prayers, I called a Christian Science practitioner.

She directed me to a passage in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. It reads: “Departing from Christian Science, some learners commend diet and hygiene. They even practise these, intending thereby to initiate the cure which they mean to complete with Mind, as if the non-intelligent could aid Mind!” (p. 457).

I felt that this idea was the answer and knew I was back on the road to harmony. I even remember feeling a sense of peace and smiling after I read it.

While we may think of hygiene as simply cleanliness, it can include a wide variety of practices and activities, such as running. In my case, I knew I had been running in order to look better for an upcoming work meeting where I was going to meet fellow employees from all over the world. For many years, I’d run for various sports programs and even for a job I once had. By this time, however, my running had begun to slip into vanity. I had become primarily focused on shaping my body into a more pleasing form. But I never wanted to “depart from Christian Science.” That idea, that my motivations were not as pure as they could be, was shocking to me.

I was so grateful to the practitioner for alerting me to how I had been thinking about running. She and the passage from Science and Health got my thought back on track, and my knee was quickly healed. Though I still run a bit today, it’s with different motives: I appreciate the challenge and joy of running. In fact, I’m anticipating running a marathon with my daughter, and it’s been a lot of fun. I’m so grateful for this wonderful healing.

John Lang 
Tuscaloosa, Alabama, US

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