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A bit of humor assists with healing

From the July 11, 2011 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

This year I am particularly grateful for how all my needs have been met, and for the mental stamina and courage that Christian Science has given me. It is a solid foundation, and Christian Science Primary class instruction was the best tool that anyone could have ever given me.

Earlier in the year, my husband noticed in our local paper that an air show would be taking place near home one Sunday. Naturally, as we enjoy planes, we decided to go. The warm day progressed, and I decided to look for something to quench our thirst. I had to walk about a kilometer along the crowded tarmac. On the way, I was tempted by a biscuit stand, so I bought a few.

Coming out of the canteen with some water, I failed to notice the close proximity of an F86 Saber plane in my path. I looked up from my biscuit bag just in time to bash my forehead on the sharp edge of the plane’s wingtip. I was floored, and the incident seemed to have “knocked my lights out.”

When I came to, I was reciting very loudly and very firmly “the scientific statement of being” from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy (see p. 468). A passerby who had watched helped me to my feet and offered to help me walk to the first aid tent. I assured him that I was fine.

Logically, I reasoned, if God is always in control and we are subject to His law of harmony, that rules out any possibility of our being governed by any so-called law of chance, bad luck, or accidents. In Science and Health on page 424 we read, “Accidents are unknown to God, or immortal Mind, and we must leave the mortal basis of belief and unite with the one Mind, in order to change the notion of chance to the proper sense of God’s unerring direction and thus bring out harmony.” I decided to “unite with the one Mind” and instead look away from the evidence of the accident. In doing so I knew I would be blessed, and I was very firm about this.

The passerby, a kind man, insisted on looking at my forehead and then, very worried, told me that I needed medical attention and possibly even stitches. I thanked him for his concern and said that I would get cleaned up. I held my hand to my head and continued to affirm the spiritual truths that I knew.

Instead of lambasting myself for having thought more about what was in the biscuit bag than where I was going, and how silly I had been, and perhaps how negligent the organizers had been, etc., I repeated and prayed each line of “the scientific statement of being” over and over, understanding that I was and had always been the harmonious expression of God. I maintained that the only expression there could be was the expression of infinite Mind. As I walked to where my family was seated, I felt no anger, regret, or embarrassment, and strove to see that accidents in any form are never orchestrated by God.

It is interesting that nobody except for that kind man had really taken any notice of the incident. I am sure that it assisted in the quick healing that followed. My husband felt that it was wise to have the cut cleaned and looked at. He observed that the cut was deep. But he also could not help chuckling a bit about me walking into a plane! (He knew that I was praying, and the humor actually lessened my worry and fear.)

He lovingly took me over to the first aid tent, where I was lucid and able to answer all the medics’ questions easily. They were amazed that I was joking about it! There was no pain, and the bleeding had ceased even before I got to their tent.

After inspection I was told that it did not need stitches and all they could do to help was to clean up the wound and put on a plaster. I was, however, warned about further symptoms consistent with head injuries. Right there and then I denied the validity of those claims, which had no basis in divine law. To accept that information would be to accept that accidents were real, that I was mortal, injured, and not subject to the law of God. My actions had never been subject to chance, and God had never stopped loving and caring for me. With that, the fear lessened, and I felt more confident.

Later on that day, the incident kept repeating in my thoughts. Once I realized that this was just another one of mortal mind’s tricks, that stopped, too. When the suggestion came that I should be fearful of further complications, I realized that this is how fear operates. Instead, I just stuck with the spiritual truths I knew and understood.

There were no ill-effects, beyond some bruising and swelling on my forehead, and I’m pleased to say that I did not experience any of the pain that I was told to expect. I was grateful that I was able to meet all my work commitments that week, too, and attended my tap dance class two days later. Fortunately, my hair was styled with a long fringe (bangs) at the time—because my forehead probably made me look a bit like a Klingon from Star Trek!—but no one I came into contact with that week mentioned anything different about me.

In just four days’ time, a scab fell off; the swelling and bruising had completely gone. I don’t have a visible scar now. (I was also told that a scar would be big and ugly.)

This healing has really stood out to me; it has shown me how effective Christian Science is. I have also been able to share this healing with others faced with physical injury, and am so grateful for the immediacy of God’s healing power. Oh, and those biscuits I purchased were very good, too!

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