World thought, as depicted by politics, literature, defense measures, and scientific research, evidences a constant reaching out for more satisfactory ways of government. Progress, expressed in greater benefits for mankind and more freedom in every direction, is desired. Observation shows us that the reason better world conditions are not established is that, generally speaking, materiality bases the thinking of men.

What joy is experienced by the student of Christian Science when he learns through the study of the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, that God's universe of ideas is the only universe. He finds that it is no longer necessary for him to be bound by beliefs of fear or limitation. Frustration and obstruction are seen to be unreal and powerless when spiritual understanding is applied to his problems and God's law of good is trusted.

The truth of God's infinitude and man's oneness, or unity, with divine perfection was discovered by Mrs. Eddy when she turned to God and was healed of a condition the physician believed would prove fatal. Then she relied upon the one Mind to show her how to give to others a demonstrable understanding of divine power. Having discovered the Principle which rules man and the universe, she established the Church of Christ, Scientist, which exemplifies true government for the world today.

Our dear Leader has given to her students the true concept of Church as a universal spiritual idea. The Mother Church with its branches can be likened to a shining beacon enlightening and spiritualizing the thought of all who come within the radius of its glow. It brings comfort, hope, blessing, and healing. This Church is not parochial, but universal; not militant, but triumphant. Membership in this Church is the door leading one to the demonstration of eternal Life, fulfilling the promise found in Revelation (3:8 ), "Behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it."

The inspired Rules laid down in the Manual of The Mother Church by Mrs. Eddy impart wisdom to those who are obedient to these divine dictates. This is seen in the work done by The Christian Science Board of Directors, who, in loyalty to our Leader's revelation of Truth, day by day apply these Rules in the light of experience and spiritual insight.

We find in the Manual the spiritual basis for true government; but first of all it is in the individual thought that this control must be established. "Reflecting God's government, man is self-governed," we read on page 125 of the textbook. This self-government can be demonstrated as we learn to give to God all glory and all power and see that man is ever reflecting the divine Mind, which unfolds the ideas necessary to each individual's government of his affairs in a harmonious manner. The healing power of the Christ is available to all who are ready to perceive and appreciate divine government.

Christian Scientists have a very definite part to play in the establishment of a better sense of world government. It is their living of the good they know which operates as light dispelling the gloom of false laws. During the times of national and municipal elections Christian Scientists pray to be guided to place their votes for those who will best express true government. They pray daily for the world. They remember always that "the government shall be upon his shoulder" (Isa. 9:6 ) and know that divine Love is ever governing its universe of spiritual ideas with righteousness and true judgment.

A splendid opportunity for self-government is to be found in the establishment of harmonious relationships. The home is a very important part of the universe. "Home is the dearest spot on earth, and it should be the centre, though not the boundary, of the affections," our Leader says (Science and Health, p. 58 ). Jesus knew God as man's Father. Mrs. Eddy realized that God is also the Mother of man. An understanding of God's divine parenthood brings to one a realization of the completeness of idea. When we see man as Love's idea and love each other from a spiritual standpoint, misunderstandings, based upon some belief of life in matter, will vanish. We become more understanding, more appreciative of the good that others are expressing.

We can each pray that our own life may show forth man's unity with Principle, the divine governing power of the universe. We can be thankful to God, who has led us to this right knowing, which can be used and proved in the smallest detail of daily living. No longer need we be merged with the crowd of material thinkers, no longer be puppets moved by material so-called forces, for the consciousness that we are actually God's spiritual ideas enables us to live so as to bear witness to His goodness. Our feet are set on the right path—the right way. It is the way governed by God, the way of Life, of Love, and of spiritual accomplishment.

November 22, 1952

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