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For peace in the Asia Pacific

- Sentinel Audio Chat

In this chat Fujiko describes qualities that will lead to peace, protect people feeling fearful, and help them reach intelligent conclusions. She mentions honesty, spiritual and moral courage, and meekness, among others.

Fujiko talks about the importance of a prayerful approach to relations between China and Japan over islands that each claims as its own. Site visitors ask about specific details such as the Manchurian incident between the two countries in the 1930s, negative "images" people in these countries may hold about each other and how to overcome them, and what are the most needed "ingredients" for peace-building between them.

The second part of the chat focuses on North and South Korea, including the concentration camps in North Korea, how to pray with compassion for the people of North Korea, and the antidote to war and conflict. During the chat, Fujiko shares an experience in dealing with conflict in her own life and also points out thoughts from the Bible and from Mary Baker Eddy's writings that can guide our prayers.

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