Poetry and punk

I wrote this poem because I have so much gratitude for God and all that He's given me. Whenever I'm in trouble, or even when I'm not, I turn to Him—in every action, every part of my day.

I was raised in a loving and supportive family, but I hadn't always been the most principled person. I had a life-changing experience that got me where I needed to be. I'd been involved in the punk scene for quite some time. It wasn't good for me. I was constantly surrounded by drugs and alcohol, as well as messages from lyrics that I didn't want in my head. I thought I agreed with them at the time, but then I realized that I wanted to get away from them. That was really hard because I was dating a girl who was involved in the punk scene when I was trying to get away from it. Then we broke up, and I was really hurt. But God helped pull me through all that.

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The biggest change came when I was moved to a different Sunday School class. I had a new teacher, and he taught like no one else had. His teaching was Bible-based. I was able to get a foundation from the Bible, starting with the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes. I really got into them—started to study them and consider their true spiritual essence. I had no idea that so much depth and inspiration could be found in them, and I learned that they required absolute consecration of thought.

Also around this time, God put a friend in my life who was earnestly striving to know God better. That was very helpful for me to see—someone my own age with that much passion for God. She inspired me to live a more principled life.

Before changing to that Sunday School class, I pretty much only thought of God—and of Christian Science—when I wasn't feeling well. It wasn't really a priority to me. I just used religion when it was convenient. But my Sunday School experience changed everything around. Now God is first in everything. I can't do anything without Him. Really turning to God all the time and just making sure that all my actions and thoughts line up with His principles makes me a better person. It makes me look at myself and the world differently.

I play guitar and drums, and I sing. I've played in several groups and I have a band right now. It's called Pikupchix. We draw influences from a lot of different styles of music: punk, swing, jazz, metal, rock, Creole, and numerous others. Borrowing from these various styles, and combining it with our own individual musical backgrounds, we are able to work together effectively and produce a sound that's uniquely our own. We are able to let the emotional aspect of the music and lyrics be strongly expressed. Last year we pulled some of our material together and released a four-song EP on CD that has sold pretty well.

I had a life-changing experience that got me where I needed to be.

My sister (the bass player) and I write the lyrics. We find inspiration in our personal experiences and things we've been through, as well as in our values, morals, and spirituality. These are all important to us.

When I think about the future, I don't always know where I'm gonna go, but I just keep listening. God will lead me to where I need to go. I do have some goals in mind. I'd like to have a small record company after I get out of college, and still pursue my music, because I really love that. But I also love Bible study and Bible history. I'm planning on majoring in religion in college. But whatever I do, I'm sticking to what I love and listening to God. I know He'll continue to guide me.

Smile at me
January 1, 2000

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