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God's guidance through "impossible" deadlines

From the Christian Science Sentinel - March 13, 2006

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Have you ever faced an impending disaster you were partly responsible for? That happened to me several years ago when, as part of my job as a commercial real estate agent, I leased office space to a national company in a brand new building. Construction wasn’t finished when the lease was signed, but the owners and the construction firm assured the tenant and me that they would meet the completion deadline for occupancy.

The work seemed to be progressing well. The new tenant had arranged to fly in a team of experts to hook up office equipment, telephones, and an audio-visual system the day before the scheduled move-in. This special team had been booked weeks in advance and was scheduled to move on to a different job in two days.

As this team was arriving, I went to the site to look at the new offices. To my dismay, I discovered that critical construction supplies had not yet arrived. The work was not complete and the local fire marshal was prohibiting occupancy of the offices.

The owners, the construction firm, the tenant, and I had a catastrophe on our hands. Disrupted business and the possibility of lawsuits loomed.

Feeling responsible for my client’s interests, I was heavy with worry. As a Christian Scientist, I have turned to God for answers to many different kinds of difficulties and I’ve always gotten them. So as the morning of the scheduled move-in day dawned, I prayed for a clearer sense that God was present and that He was in control of every aspect of my life, including this situation.

I opened my Bible and turned to Psalms where I read: “Thou hast given commandment to save me.” This passage calmed me down. I asked myself whether there was anything in the universe that could thwart God’s command.

I thought of the section in the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health With Key to Scriptures, where Mary Baker Eddy described God as “…all-knowing, all-seeing, all-acting, all-wise, all-loving, and eternal.” Accepting that statement as true, the answer to my question had to be “no.” Nothing was outside of God's direction.

I looked up the meaning of the word save in the dictionary and saw it meant “to deliver; liberate; rescue.” I reasoned that although it seemed we were helpless to do anything to complete the work on time, God had given the commandment to deliver and rescue each of us.

This promise lifted my spirits. I felt like a graceful glider soaring upward on a thermal air current.

Reading further in the same psalm, I came across this verse, “Thou shalt increase my greatness, and comfort me on every side.” I equated greatness with the ability to grasp and hold firmly in thought the spiritual dimension of life, to understand that this spirituality was real.

I knew that God was in control of our lives, despite every appearance to the contrary. I also knew from previous experience that by understanding this, every “side” of me—every concern I had—would be addressed in a healing way. I was sure that I’d see that everyone involved was being cared for by God. I felt free to continue my day with an expectancy of good.

As I arrived at the building site that morning, however, both of the contractors reported that the tenant was going to have to wait to move in until the following week.

I was shaken by this news, and fear once again tried to grab hold of me. I found a quiet place to calm myself. As I did this, the gentle feeling that God was in control returned. I remembered the Bible verses I had pondered earlier. They had promised that I would be saved from disastrous situations. I now asked myself if I could trust that to come true. I wanted to feel close to God, to be His obedient son, to trust His deliverance.

Right then, a memory popped into my head of something my mother had often said to me when I delayed doing my chores: “Just do it, Scott!”

With a smile, I remembered this gentle reprimand. Now it felt like a demand to stop listening to doubt and get behind the idea of trusting God. Soon I felt a holy joy in acknowledging that God, good, was the only real power.

I carried this idea with me as I began walking through the building. I found myself humming the tune of a hymn from the Christian Science Hymnal which includes the words “I love Thy way of freedom, Lord” (Violet Hay, No. 136).

As I walked, I prayed silently, thanking God for the good He created. I truly felt there was no power but God, good; no place but His place; no experience but of divine Mind’s making; no sense of Life but of blissful harmony. This was true freedom.

I affirmed to myself that each of my co-workers had the ability and right to see the reality of God’s control at hand. I felt as if I were a patient windsurfer, waiting on my board for a perfect breeze to catch the sail and send me skimming across the waves.

Right then some practical ideas came to thought, which in the end, proved to be the solutions to the problems. Before each meeting with various parties to discuss these ideas, I reminded myself that God was the great communicator, and I was a witness to this communication. I knew that God, all-knowing Mind, was in control and would reveal constructive ideas for action.

It was a glorious day, filled with unexpected developments. By mid-afternoon, all the necessary supplies had appeared. About 25 unscheduled workers showed up to help complete the work. The code officials made a special visit to the site and granted the necessary occupancy permit. The move-in was completed in time for the tenant’s well-publicized grand opening three days later. We were all very grateful.

What did I learn from this? There is no place, space, time, nor set of circumstances where we cannot feel God’s presence and experience His blessings. His presence and power are as close to us as our very breath—closer, in fact. Our role is to turn to our Father-Mother God with all our heart, put self aside, trust Him, and follow in the way He directs.

Step-by-step He will lead us, save us, and bring each of us into the pathway of His goodness.

God is in control:

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King James Bible
Ps. 71:3
Ps. 71:21

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