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September 1, 1989
Guests: John Holmstrom, Name withheld, Michael Rissler
August 18, 1989
Guests: Jon Harder, Ann Kenrick, Nathaniel Shodeinde, Claire Foley, Peter Tonge
August 5, 1989
Guests: Ronald Smith, Loren Janes, Bill Moody, Judith Patterson
July 21, 1989
Guests: Jenifer Wechsler, Ann Kenrick, Yvonne Harvey
July 7, 1989
Guests: LaMeice Schierholz, Kojo Darkwa, Bill Moody, Marjorie Gladden
June 30, 1989
Guests: Kathryn Schmidt, Michael Rissler, Eigil Olsen
June 23, 1989
Guests: Pat White, Rushworth Kidder, Gary Thatcher, Jer Master, Magdalena González
June 16, 1989
Guests: Sydney Callahan, Wanjohi King'ori, Victoria Ajani, Bill Moody, Robert Cramer, Nancy Reinert, Wanjohi King'ori, Peter Tonge
June 9, 1989
Guests: Pearline Thompson, David Sleeper, Virginia Harris, Donald Bowersock, Nathan Talbot, John Hoagland, Kathleen Clementson, Eleanor Gilman, Moji Anjorin Solanke, Jim Williams, Jacqueline Als, Marylou Robinson, George Okantah, Beena Kanani, John Selover
June 2, 1989
Guests: Margaret Swetman, Warren Bolon, Judy Kayser, Susan Stark