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October 18, 2008
Guests: Janet Horton, James Due, John Rinnert
October 11, 2008
Guests: Abigail Mackay, Brian Kissock, Martha Moffett
October 4, 2008
Guests: Nate Talbot, Carol Cummings, Catherine Baker
September 27, 2008
Guests: Tony Lobl, Carl Taylor, Karen Hertlein
September 20, 2008
Guests: David Stevens, David Bates, Karen Gould
September 13, 2008
Guests: Michelle Nanouche, Peggy Glover, Bill Ansley
September 6, 2008
Guests: Elise Moore, John Westman, Trudi Carter, Jon McLaughlin
August 30, 2008
Guests: Rebecca Odegaard, Steve Frederick
August 23, 2008
Guests: Ned Odegaard, Bea Roegge, Bill Getzschman
August 16, 2008
Guests: Lynn Jackson, Jenny Sawyer, Margaret Rogers