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October 16, 2004
Guests: Linda Dinardo, Kenneth Girard, Phil Davis
October 9, 2004
Guests: Jennifer Rugge, Keith Wommack, Lynn Gray Jackson, Kari Mashos
October 2, 2004
Guests: David Williams, Mark Swinney, Rebecca Odegaard
September 25, 2004
Guests: Mark Swinney, Cheryl Ranson, Sandy Sandberg
September 18, 2004
Guests: Carol Napper, Dennis Kaiser, Ruth-Anne Rodgers, Doris Goff, Warren Bolon
September 11, 2004
Guests: Jon Benson, Mary Julia Kephart, Sharon Jeffrey
September 4, 2004
Guests: Joni Overton-Jung, Channing Walker
August 28, 2004
Guests: Mary Ten Eyck, Kate Dearborn, Sandy Sandberg, Pauline Hutchinson
August 21, 2004
Guests: Clifford Kapps Eriksen, Donna Matthiesen, Curt Wahlberg, Colleen Douglass
August 14, 2004
Guests: Phil Davis, Madelon Maupin Miles