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March 23, 2002
Guests: Dr. H. Kingston, Rev. Jim Comer, Dave Hohle, Elaine R. Follis, Bettie Gray, Jon Harder
March 16, 2002
Guests: David W. Norton, Nanci Newman, Steve Scheiern
March 9, 2002
Guests: Diane Maloney, Channing Walker, Robert Holcomb, Mark Swinney
March 2, 2002
Guests: Robert Leslie, Robbie Davis-Floyd, Robert Ennemoser, Beena Kanani, Margaret Rogers
February 23, 2002
Guests: Julio C. Rivas T., Buni J. Lane, Mark Swinney, Abraham McLaughlin, Merri-Jim McLaughlin
February 16, 2002
Guests: Janet Horton, Phil Davis, Elise L. Moore
February 9, 2002
Guests: Elaine R. Follis, Herb Huebsch, Elizabeth Selover, Olga M. Chaffee
February 2, 2002
Guests: Bill Shaw, Karin Hendrickson, Tommy Vardell, John Bower, Sandy Vance
January 26, 2002
Guests: J. Thomas Black, Beulah Roegge, Cheryl Ranson, Lois Rae Carlson, Nathan A. Talbot
January 20, 2002
Guests: Marilyn Crowley, Melanie Stetson Freeman, Robert Harbison, Sara Terry Gabrels