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June 1, 2002
Guests: Bruce Fitzwater, Judy Huenneke, Dr. Daniel Scott, Alice Chen, Isabelle DuBois
May 25, 2002
Guests: William Norman, Lynne Scheiern, Warren Bolon, Mary Trammell
May 18, 2002
Guests: Nathan A. Talbot, Laurie Toupin
May 11, 2002
Guests: William E. Moody, Tony Lobl, Name removed by request
May 4, 2002
Guests: Rebecca Odegaard, Virginia Stopfel, W. Riley Seay, David C. Kennedy
April 27, 2002
Guests: Adjoa Acquaah-Harrison, Richard Bergenheim, David Caswell, Neera Kapur
April 20, 2002
Guests: David C. Kennedy, Robert L.T. Holcomb, Judith Wiltshire Benson, Giulia Plum
April 13, 2002
Guests: Carol Humphry, Jon Harder, Cindy Minnotte, Joyce Milgaard
April 6, 2002
Guests: Dr. Charles L. Harper, Jr., Dr. Diogenes Allen, Margaret Rogers, Ruth Elizabeth Jenks
March 30, 2002
Guests: Dr. Rodney L. Petersen, Jennifer Pellegrini, Wendy Manker, Chet Manchester