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March 15, 1997
Guests: Sandy Sandberg, Barbara-Jean Stinson, Norbert Updike, Olga Chaffee
March 8, 1997
Guests: Bobby Lewis, Judith Hedrick, Joel Magnes, Marjorie Funston, Channing Walker, Jean Hebenstreit
March 1, 1997
Guests: Sandy Vance, Emily Comins, Mary Weldon Ridgway, Val Unger
February 15, 1997
Guests: Betty Jenks, Richard Bergenheim, Richard Berg, Celeste Jenkins, Ann Croft
February 2, 1997
Guests: Kory Ford, Robert Gallegos, John Totterdale, Andy Briggs, Vernon West, Mark Unger
January 25, 1997
Guests: Seward Grant, Lois Carlson, Virginia Hill, Jonathan Daugherty, David Degler
January 18, 1997
Guests: Margaret Rogers, Howard Wheatley, Beverly Bemis Hawks DeWindt, Hyman Weinstein, Patty Fulton, David Driver
January 11, 1997
Guests: Cali Mcclure, Evan Wyly, Lanny Evarts, Jan Keeler, Dee Lewis
January 4, 1997
Guests: Don Porter, Judith Hepburn, Rod Wagner, Vicki Ford