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May 24, 1997
Guests: Marta Greenwood, Mary Trammell, Nate Talbot, Becky O'Sullivan
May 17, 1997
Guests: Lauralyn Sparrowhawk, Bobby Lewis, Susan Wallett, Ned Eames
May 10, 1997
Guests: Mark Unger, Midge Campbell, Lani Blanchard, Carole Carter, Barbara Cook
May 3, 1997
Guests: Judy Mwangi, Chris Cole, Suzanne Soule, Toni Wengler, Bill Gough, Tim MacDonald, Molly Larsen, Ani Muhammed, Richard Bergenheim, Bill Scott
April 26, 1997
Guests: Joan Ware, Jon Benson, Ashley Wolfe, Susan Fleming, Joel Magnes, Evan Wylie, Lanny Evarts
April 19, 1997
Guests: Sharon Black, Michelle Boccanfuso, Evan Mehlenbacher, Winnie McGee, Debbie Thompson, Robin Berg, Elaine Follis
April 12, 1997
Guests: Jim Shideler, Barbara Cook, Ryder Stevens, Ruth Harris, Julio Rivas, Rose Williams, Nergish Hodiwala, Betty Matthews
April 5, 1997
Guests: Grace George, Bill Moody, Mary Jo Parker Jackson, David Stuart, Mark Unger, Nate Talbot
March 29, 1997
Guests: Tim MacDonald, Carol Winograd, Jay Martin, Janet Clements, Martyn Auret, Jillie Periton, Bill Moody
March 22, 1997
Guests: Adin Brown, Channing Walker, Jane Dougherty, Chet Manchester, Christine Marshall, Elias Bandrapalli, Alan Downing