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August 3, 1997
Guests: Joni Warner, Herb Webb, Herb Huebsch, Fenella Bennetts
July 27, 1997
Guests: Ned Eames, Susan Wallett
July 20, 1997
Guests: Miah Bumpas, Alexander Wellford, Marty Jo Bicneice, Kay Olson
July 13, 1997
Guests: Giulia Plum
July 6, 1997
Guests: Adam Davis, Patricia Lesesne, David Walton
June 29, 1997
Guests: Diane Marrapodi, Trudy Palmer
June 21, 1997
Guests: Janet Clements, David Driver, Don Challenger, Virgina Hill, Patricia Glasmire, Ryder Stevens, Bill Moody
June 14, 1997
Guests: Bob Jeffery, Gayle Huizinga, Julio Rivas, Elaine Follis
June 7, 1997
Guests: Joy Osmanski, Andre Remec, Tony Lobl, Lois Carlson, Vernon West, Bill Moody, Margaret Rodgers
May 31, 1997
Guests: Rick Stewart, Dorothy Estee, Herb Webb, Miah Bumpas, Dawn Oakes, Nadia, Val Anderson, Joel Magnes, Susan Heath, Laura Matthews, Sara Tucker, Lauren Smeke, Dave Brown, Pedro Grieco