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October 12, 1997
Guests: Nigel Hutchinson-Brooks, Channing Walker, Clark Kelley, Paul Marin
October 5, 1997
Guests: Rod Wagner, Marta Greenwood, Paul Grimes, Hazel Cook, Nate Talbot
September 28, 1997
Guests: Peter Winterbottom, Ann Jenkins, Vernon West, Ann Stewart, Christopher Shays
September 21, 1997
Guests: Joy Nack, David Cornthwaite, Marjorie Funston
September 14, 1997
Guests: Rhonda Hutchinson-Brooks, Larry Rose, Timothy MacDonald, Ann Croft
September 7, 1997
Guests: Judy Mwangi, Blythe, Ryder Stevens, Richard Hogreffe, Ginger Stevens, Lucinda Griener, Elaine Follis, Trudy Palmer, Linda Shaver, Todd Hoffman, Jennifer Reeves, Mary Tscherny, Shirley Paulson
August 31, 1997
Guests: Lameice Harding, Colleen Douglass, Bob Nimmons
August 24, 1997
Guests: Ruth Harris, Colleen Douglass, Jerry Cook, Thomas Von Reckers, Pamela Von Reckers
August 17, 1997
Guests: Julio Rivas, Mary Trammell, Marian English, Ann Croft
August 10, 1997
Guests: Don Griffith, Beverly Erickson, Patricia Tupper Hyatt, Allan Caister-Pearce