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February 17, 1996
Guests: Elise Moore, Robert Jeffery, Karen Welsch-Palmer, Rick Stewart, Janet Mathiott
February 10, 1996
Guests: Susan Hastings, Barbara Allen, James Fabian, Jim Mathiott, Kathryn Hoyt
February 3, 1996
Guests: Hilma Orr, Walter Jones, Margit Hammerstrom, Patricia Darmon
January 27, 1996
Guests: Jon Harder, Robert Ennemoser, Anton Voigt, Bea Roegge
January 20, 1996
Guests: Jonathan Daugherty, Judith Hedrick, John Hueffner, Laura Lavender-Longman, David Degler
January 13, 1996
Guests: Carole Shank, Jean Ansley, Tom Black, Barbara-Jean Stinson