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April 27, 1996
Guests: Earline Shoemake, Nancy Stevens, Ruth Moser, Doug Moser, Denny Colliver, Courtnay Douglas
April 20, 1996
Guests: Richard Berg, David Driver, Rosalie Dunbar, Walter Jones
April 13, 1996
Guests: David Degler, Lorraine Schwartz, Herb Webb, Kathleen Wiegand, Mark Swinney, Joseph Ozioma Nwosu
April 6, 1996
Guests: Gretchen Garrity, Martyn Auret, Grace Cochran, Virginia Stopfel, David Sleeper, Jill Periton, Linda Shaver, Bill Moody
March 30, 1996
Guests: Christine Welton, Channing Walker, Betty Jenks, Julie Pabst
March 23, 1996
Guests: Jan Keeler, David Driver, William Palmer, Eva-Maria Hogrefe
March 16, 1996
Guests: Margaret Rogers, Howard Johnson, Bill Moody
March 9, 1996
Guests: Walter Jones, Deborah Huebsch, Warren Berkman, Lois Carlson
March 2, 1996
Guests: Barbara Cook, Carol Dee Lewis, Cheryl Petersen, Deborah Huebsch
February 24, 1996
Guests: Vernon West, Mary Ridgeway, Sara Veltman Tucker, Val Unger