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August 3, 1996
Guests: Rob Gilbert, Valerie Elliott, Alice Jean Small, Channing Walker
July 27, 1996
Guests: Ngozi Mwanamwambwa, Carole Carter, Don Krishnaswami, Patty Fulton, Colleen Douglass
July 20, 1996
Guests: Ella Ciolina, Tom Black, Barbara-Jean Stinson, Jim Shidler
July 6, 1996
Guests: Brian Talcott, Bertha Seal, Jeanne Becker, Nate Talbot, Kathleen Wiegand
June 29, 1996
Guests: Lois Carlson, Julie Pabst, Michael Pabst, Al Downing, Mark Unger, David Stuart, Olga Chaffee
June 22, 1996
Guests: Peggy Percival, Ike Percival, Evan Mehlenbacher, Diane Marrapodi
June 1, 1996
Guests: Margaret Rogers, Tanya O'Gorman, Bob Jeffrey, Joann Smedley, Susan Mack
May 25, 1996
Guests: Richard Bergenheim, Lynn Jackson, Andrea Ryan, Mark Swinney, Jane Martin
May 18, 1996
Guests: David Sleeper, Susan Deal, Jer Master, Richard N'Digula, Pam Smith, Earline Shoemake
May 4, 1996
Guests: Maryl Walters, Hildegard Arnesen, Muriel Roadman, Mark Unger