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October 19, 1996
Guests: Bob Press, Betty Matthews, Ryder Stevens, Deborah Huebsch, Walter Jones
October 12, 1996
Guests: Mary Trammell, Nate Talbot, Dick Mather, Ann Croft, Julio Rivas, Carole Shank
October 5, 1996
Guests: David Driver, Marjorie Funston, Sharon Howell, Tim MacDonald, Warren Silvernail, Joanne Harding
September 21, 1996
Guests: Julio Rivas, Christine Herlinger, Don Ledbetter, Jan Ledbetter, Michelle Boccanfuso, Priscilla Emerson, Jan Keeler, Cristina Proano, Hope Kumar
September 14, 1996
Guests: Georgia Dearborn, Geoffrey Barratt, Judy Wiltshire Benson, Steve Frederick, Gary Wilson, Betty Jenks, Ann Stewart, Judy Olson
September 7, 1996
Guests: Doris Burke, Ann McLaurin, Beverly Lyle, Yvonne Trankle, Barbara Allen, Jim Mathiott, Ann Moody
August 31, 1996
Guests: Ingeborg Reinecke, Michele Boccanfuso, Joni Warner, Ron Ballard
August 24, 1996
Guests: Bill Hill, Ethel Morse, Margaret Terry, Tim MacDonald, Clara Metzner, Laurance Doyle, Bob Jeffrey, Desa Reed
August 17, 1996
Guests: Jon Benson, Maxine Hirsch, Fred Francis, Joel Magnes, Beverly Lydiard, Sandra Peterson, Herb Huebsch
August 10, 1996
Guests: Bonnie Johnson, Bob Johnson, Betty Jenks, Roberto Cuniberti, Walter Jones, Gloria Wideman