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August 3, 1991
Guests: Deborah Grout, Rodger DuMars, Nira Kapoor, Rosalie Dunbar
July 27, 1991
Guests: Bill Moody, Georgia Dearborn, Rev. Greg Hatch, Mark Unger
July 20, 1991
Guests: William Messner, Sandy Sandberg, Pheri Aktubo, Mara Kremberga
July 13, 1991
Guests: Corinne Teeter, Jill Johnston, Brian Talcott
July 6, 1991
Guests: Jean Stark Hebenstreit, Sandy Sandberg, Derek Nelson
June 29, 1991
Guests: Korshad Lengrana, Curt Sitomer, Jer Master
June 22, 1991
Guests: Dr. David Fassler, Nell Oakes, David Markwood
June 15, 1991
Guests: David Driver, Kay Olson, Connie Stricklin
June 14, 1991
Guests: Elaine Follis, Jim Bencivenga, Amy Duncan
June 8, 1991
Guests: Jürgen Kurt Stark, Jill Gooding, Bill Moody, Don Bowersock