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Local broadcasting opportunities

What programs are available for broadcasting?

Christian Science Sentinel—Radio Edition
(Available free of charge with licensing agreement)

El Heraldo de la Christian Science
(Available free of charge with licensing agreement)

These two quality 30 minute broadcast products are produced by The Christian Science Publishing Society and are available for your use in your on-going outreach efforts.

Why should I consider sponsoring programs?

The Sentinel Radio program and El Heraldo are broadcast in many cities worldwide and are respected by many listeners. Here are the three most common ways to support these programs.

  1. Your church or broadcast group can sponsor a weekly radio broadcast.
  2. You can provide 24/7 phone coverage.
  3. Sentinel Radio can be linked from your local website or accessed directly to (24/7).

All of these methods are immediate and offer significant avenues through which you can share spiritual ideas with a broad public audience in your community.

How can one of these programs benefit my community?

Programs include spiritual messages and testimonies of healing that bring peace, give hope, share love and provide spiritual insight to life's challenges.

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I'm ready to broadcast. How do I sign up?