The subject of my address today is "Progress in Healing."

The subject of my address today is "Progress in Healing." The very word "healing" calls to mind the loving and unequaled ministry of Jesus of Nazareth, as he went about doing good and nothing but good. We love to dwell upon the healing mission of Christ, not only healing all manner of disease among the people, but taking away the sins of the world. This blessed ministry is still going on through the teachings of Christian Science, as given to the world through Mary Baker Eddy, and also through a faithful application of those teachings by thousands of consecrated practitioners throughout the world.

I am told that I may speak informally, and so I believe I will just take you all into my confidence this afternoon, and tell some of the things that I have learned from my own experience in the work. A few years ago, a certain healing came to pass that showed plainly how the work should be done. A man came to me, simply asking to know more of God and his individual relationship to God. The physical condition was not mentioned; and this, as all practitioners know, is extremely rare. Yet on his face was manifested an ugly, angry-looking growth which had been there for some years and about which he was very sensitive. Still he did not refer to it—no treatment was asked and no treatment given. I wish I might say that I did not see that thing, but I cannot honestly say that. I can say, however, that I soon lost sight of it. We spent two hours talking of God and man, trying to realize that individual spiritual man is the individualized expression of the one Being, God. We both felt the uplift and inspiration of that time of communion with God. The next morning his wife telephoned saying that quite early she heard him cry out, and ran to see what the matter was. He simply said to her, "Look at me," and there was nothing of the growth remaining on his face. That minute I saw the way of true healing—the physical had been forgotten, and I certainly of myself had not done anything. We cannot admit the existence of something and then try to destroy it, but when we realize, even in a degree, the allness of God and man's oneness with Him, we see that in real being there is nothing to heal.

The Importance of Faith
July 6, 1935

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