What is it to remain? In Webster we find the following definitions: "To be left after others have been removed or destroyed; to continue unchanged in place, form, or condition, or undiminished in quantity; to abide, etc." Some one has said that meditation is silence "healing the blows of sound." The Christian Science prayer of realization which heals is really that keeping silence before God in which we become conscious of rest, peace, joy, and light; in His presence there is no noise, no conflict, no pain.

How often is the "gentle presence, peace and joy and power" of which our Leader has written (Poems, p. 4), manifest in the silencing of mortal errors. These may seem so frequent and noisy as for a time almost to deafen us, yet error is finite and unreal and the "rest" remains. Emerson has said, "It is only the finite which has wrought and suffered, the infinite lies stretched in smiling repose;" and with a clear vision of the allness of God, Mrs. Eddy has triumphantly declared that "there is no finite soul nor spirit" (Science and Health, p. 466). The infinite idea which expresses God, rests in "the beauty of holiness," secure in the truth of being. The dictionary gives this definition of infinite, among others: "Unlimited in time or space." There can be no finite sense in the Science of being. What if discords do arise, again and again? We know that they will be silenced by the presence of God. Have we not the assurance, "My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest"?

September 7, 1912

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