A clear conception of "primeval existence," the realization that it is, as Mrs. Eddy tells us, "the radiant reality of God's creation" (Science and Health, p. 110) in which "God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good," awakens to the fact that there is never anything to fear; for here is a universe—the universe—in which all is absolute harmony, eternal life, understanding, unimpeded activity, love. Let us picture a world governed by one supreme Mind, as revealed in divine Science, for only so could it be harmonious, since from many minds, each seeking to rule, would come inevitable confusion; this Mind an all-wise, ever-present Father-Mother, knowing the needs of every child in His universe and supplying them even before they are expressed, since the creator must know the needs of His creatures better than they do themselves.

Darkness is unknown in this abiding-place, for "God is light, and in him is no darkness at all;" so, naturally, His children, living in Him and therefore inseparable from Him, must stand in the light too, there being nothing else to stand in; neither is there "one life which the Life-giver ever loses out of His sight." Then that peace which all hearts desire is here; a peace which nothing can disturb or overthrow, because it is the only genuine peace, the peace of God, a consciousness of which enables one to stand like a rock unmoved amid the waves.

May 18, 1912

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