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Open access

I am not a caged bird trapped in matter’s rigidity. I am a bird in the beckoning sky welcomed and embraced in Spirit’s liberty hearkening to Love’s uplifting thrust flying fearless and free exploring limitless infinity pursuing my unique path of flight finding open access               to Love’s unbounded delight! — Joyce Dronsfield.


We can peacefully let go,  nestle within Spirit’s Word, in Love’s embrace assured by the divine Comforter humbly listening soaking in every divine thought given us moment by moment, thanking God, good, for His supreme power and all-presence ever with us, dispelling fear and danger— reminding us of the sacred truth of our spiritual being sustaining us safely through the scenes of human need. — Suzanne Goewert.

Lens of Soul

Revealed by the Comforter: God is All and man is whole. Evidence, obscured by matter, Comes to light through lens of Soul.

God’s photograph of you

Whether a passive observer  of someone else’s frame or a social media enthusiast  actively engaged in the know thy selfie game there’s a photograph of you that’s lovingly captured every moment a perfect portrait of His composing precisely focused, yet resplendently glowing never a fading, static two dimensional moment in time but an unblemished, everlasting expression of Mind’s knowing of Soul’s brilliance revealed in impeccable light every meticulous detail precisely right yours to joyfully behold each day— God’s exact, true likeness and it’s here to stay. — Steve Ryf.

Living waters

Fount of Truth, of Life, of Love, goodness, beauty, health that ever springs afresh in streams of sparkling clarity, pure glistening rivers pouring forth to wash the world and quench its thirst,    keep us steady in Your channels, coursing to Your purpose, tributaries all to You. — Barbara Highton Williams.

My angel*

It floated in so quietly, I almost didn’t notice but then it sat itself right down. Impossible to miss it.

Forever intact

“The harmony and immortality of man are intact. ” * This is forever the spiritual fact! No lie of the serpent can ever beguile; No falsehood or delusion, obscure or defile.

Answers to the heart

God’s answer for discouragement: “Courage, my dearest idea. You have not been given the spirit of fear, nor of depression but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Restful stillness

Be still self-will you cannot kill the good that’s going on. Staying still, pure peace I find humbly serving restful Mind.


One day my Father said to me, “Perfection is infinity. ” I asked Him, “Can You clarify?” “It can’t be done,” was His reply, “If clarify means reconcile To current usage, bent, and style.