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No more a servant

You hear that, daughter? Did you not think those words were for you too? No more status of a servant, but stature of a son, with all that that title, legacy includes. You know what that means? No more subtle distance back seat subservience implied culpability object for service vehicle for heir pedestal of purity tempter— no more a light to facilitate someone else’s light.

O​n goats, serpents, and sheep

“What was I thinking?” I asked myself. I’d let my goat be gotten.

Everyday Immanuel!

In every village, town, or hamlet, on every country road, city street, or battlefield comes the comfort song of Christ to listening hearts, worldwide: “I am here to help and save you. Have no fear!  Wherever you may dwell, I am here to bless and heal you, I am here, and all is well, I am here, and all is well!” —Anne Holway Higgins.

​New-birth certificate

Jesus, Master, commands, “Be born again”; “be perfect. ” * Christ appearance shows man’s spiritual origin, no mortal infant birth.

‘The government shall be upon his shoulder’

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given:  and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.   ­— Isaiah 9:6 The promise given long ago is still intact today, the promise of a government that holds eternal sway.

Angel space

Make space for angels— Walk with them, talk with them, Sing to high heaven with them! Then let them whisper to you, Telling you who’s with you: The angel of patience, the angel of grace, The angel of kindness, the angel of peace, The angel of laughter, the angel of joy, The angel of healing, the angel of love, The angels who brought the news That Christ is here, now and forever, And that we too are the children of God. No one is ever alone With friends such as these.

Refugee Christmas

Mary and Joseph were refugees Fleeing from hatred and fear. They sought God’s protection for safety and care For the sweet promised child they held dear,  For Herod had vowed to murder all babes  Who might threaten his kingship and reign.

What is Christmas all about?

Is it just about a decorated tree, or glitter of wrapped gifts for you and me? Can it really be about those invitations to celebrate with feasting and libations? What truly honors Jesus’ humble birth, the advent of the Christ-power here on earth, fulfillment of the Scriptures’ prophecy? It is our love of truth, the holy light from God above It is God’s angel thoughts to which we bow, Immanuel which touches our hearts now and frees us from each finite, worldly notion— distractions from God-centered, pure devotion. Let’s feel Christ’s gentle presence, prayer by prayer, the healing power that comforts every care.

Song of David

we cannot hear the harp of David we cannot hear his singing voice but know the volume of his praise when we read his words in silence — Steven Richardson.

Lord, Love, Shepherd

Lord, Love, Shepherd embraces me in care. Before I ask He’s always there, immediate, dependable.