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Healing a broken heart

She felt as though all the love in her life came from one person: her boyfriend. So when he broke up with her, she thought she’d lost something she could never get back. A pivotal conversation in Sunday School changed her mind—and her experience.

Beyond skin color

When he moved from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Norway when he was 13, this author confronted prejudice—and learned significant spiritual lessons about how to heal it.

Essay due? Prayer can help.

Stuck staring at a blinking cursor, wondering what to write? One author shares some of the spiritual lessons she’s learned about the writing process, and how we can each put them into practice in whatever creative project we’re facing.

The right ideas when you need them

When it comes to homework assignments and projects, is it possible that you could have the ideas you need—even before you start the assignment? One author shares her experience tuning into—and being led by—divine inspiration.

Learning to lean on God

Useless. That’s the way I felt.

Safe at first base

After a collision during practice, this softball player was told she needed to go to the hospital right away. But she was already praying for herself and a quick healing followed.

Christmas after a divorce

It was a few weeks before the first Christmas after my parents’ divorce. I was dreading the holiday.

Where do you live?

Asking and answering the question, “Where do you live?” in prayer helps us see and experience more of God’s universe. And that, in turn, brings healing.

Prayer about college admissions

A high-school senior shares some of the spiritual ideas that have helped him pray his way through the college application and admissions process.

Can Christian Science solve my problems?

Christian Science is so much more than a religion that helps us solve our problems. Its power comes from the fact that it helps us see the universe correctly—and this spiritual vision has huge potential for our lives and for the world.