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You can count on it

Her friend’s pastor had just the right words when her friend was struggling. Could she trust that her own pastor—the Bible and Science and Health—had the same power to speak, and the capacity to help?

Better than Google

Google may be your authority on most things. But when it comes to figuring out what we should be praying about, even when we’re dealing with alarming symptoms, God, not a search engine, is our best, most reliable source.

Into—and out of—the woods

It was a week before my high school’s performance of Into the Woods. There was a lot of talk among my fellow cast members about how people usually get run down and sick before performances.

A God-directed role

Who wouldn’t want the leading role in a play? Not this actor, who felt he wasn’t up to the part. But as he prayed, his feelings about the show changed from being all about fear to being all about love.

Into the great unknown

Does the future feel like it’s full of unknowns? This author thought so until she prayed and got a new view of God and His creation.

Empowered to help

Can you help bring healing to a situation, even if someone hasn’t specifically asked you to pray for them? Yes. Here’s how: Start by keeping your own thoughts close to God.

A quick healing at camp

When a wasp stung her on the hand, this camp counselor immediately prayed—and was healed!

The ‘wow’ of church

Think church is just that building you visit once or twice a week, or the group of people who keep it running? Think again. The true meaning and power of what church is and what it can do is a wow—and we’d love for you to participate.

Feeling loved—wherever you go

When I was a sophomore in college, I spent a semester abroad in Japan. One particular day it seemed that one good experience followed another.

Safe from harm

At first, this high school student was scared when he found a painful spider bite on his leg. Then he realized he didn’t need to worry or try to get rid of the bite; what needed to be removed was just the mistaken belief that there’s anything harmful in God’s creation.