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For Teens

Worry-free decision-making

This teen showed up to summer camp without a return ticket. How would she ever make the right decision about whether she should go back home at the end of the summer, or try a new school that was totally out of her comfort zone?

Attitude adjustment

Caught in a cycle of self-condemnation every time he made a mistake on the field, this soccer player knew he needed to do something differently. His Sunday School teacher offered a new approach that turned his entire season around.

The way I truly am

It was the day of the ropes course challenge at the camp for Christian Scientists I was attending. The last part of the course was up in the trees, so we all had to climb down when we were finished.

Deserving of love

Feeling unwanted after her boyfriend broke up with her, this teen realized she had more to learn about love—starting with her relation to divine Love, God.

Fearless test-taking

In the second semester of my junior year of high school, my precalculus class began to get more rigorous, and I found myself struggling to keep up with the material. In response, I devoted more time to studying.

How to succeed in school

Before high school, everything seemed so easy. I believed I was smart.

Prayer on the way to the peak

As he raced up the mountain, this teen was focused on one thing: the peak. But when an accident happened, his focus shifted to God--and healing resulted.

‘An army of pray-ers’

That Sunday, this author didn’t feel like going to church. Too much homework to do before Monday. But her attitude started to change when she realized what her church participation does for the world.

A trip to remember

I had been looking forward to this trip for months. I was on a glorious flight to South Africa—one of my favorite places in the world—to see my extended family and do service work for a not-for-profit organization that takes high school students to South Africa to do sustainable community service.

Goodbye, performance anxiety!

She always found performances nerve-wracking. So when a big concert rolled around, she knew this was an opportunity for a healing.