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A quick healing at camp

When a wasp stung her on the hand, this camp counselor immediately prayed—and was healed!

The ‘wow’ of church

Think church is just that building you visit once or twice a week, or the group of people who keep it running? Think again. The true meaning and power of what church is and what it can do is a wow—and we’d love for you to participate.

Feeling loved—wherever you go

When I was a sophomore in college, I spent a semester abroad in Japan. One particular day it seemed that one good experience followed another.

‘How is God even relevant to me right now?’

She thought a life of partying would be so much more satisfying than being a “naïve” Christian Scientist. Several years later, lost and depressed, she began asking the question: Could God be there after all? And could He help her out of this mess?

Safe from harm

At first, this high school student was scared when he found a painful spider bite on his leg. Then he realized he didn’t need to worry or try to get rid of the bite; what needed to be removed was just the mistaken belief that there’s anything harmful in God’s creation.

Prayers for Manchester—and our world

Let’s join together in praying for our world, so that we can see an end to terrorist attacks. A big demand? Yes. But this author brings out a powerful spiritual fact to get us started.

An athlete prays

I am an avid athlete who enjoys most sports—especially hockey, soccer, and track. Last fall, it was soccer season, and I was ready to work hard for my team and win some games.

Impossible to ignore

What’s with all Mary Baker Eddy’s statements about the “nothingness” and “unreality” of evil? Did she mean we should just turn a blind eye to the bad stuff? On the contrary, Mrs. Eddy expected Christian Scientists to be actively praying for our world, and her statements about evil give us the tools to do so.

Believe it or not

You may be a pro at standing up to peer pressure at school. But what about in your thoughts? Learn how to be alert to the pressuring suggestions that come on a daily basis and would seem to have an effect on our lives—until we wise up and recognize their powerlessness.

I didn’t have to miss out

In Costa Rica for a class trip, she suddenly found herself unwell and missing out on activities she’d been looking forward to. Then prayer came to the rescue.