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Prayer on the sidelines

I’ve played soccer ever since I could kick a ball. So sitting on the sidelines was not exactly the start I’d expected for the fall soccer season of my sophomore year.

After the break-up

Devastated by a break-up, this author couldn’t seem to shake the feelings of sadness and confusion. But things changed when she realized she didn’t have to hate her ex; she could still love!

Your healing matters

Wondering if you should share your testimonies of healing by writing them up and submitting them? Answer: Yes! Your testimony could heal a reader anywhere in the world!

Stop the drama

Friend and relationship drama may seem overwhelming—and unstoppable. But a Bible story brought this writer clarity on how she could be an agent of peace—and stop the drama once and for all.

Off to practice—trusting God

She’d planned to go to softball practice until pain threatened to get in the way. How could this athlete go forward? By trusting God as her source, step by step.

A healing at soccer camp

One year at camp, I dislocated my knee. I’d been shooting the soccer ball into the goal when a fellow cabinmate tried to block my shot.

The worst/best summer ever

I couldn’t stand anything that summer. The new city where my family had moved.

You can pray about loneliness

 Feeling lonely? You’re not alone. Though we’re more connected than ever (thanks, social media), many of us still feel isolated.

‘I asked God what to do’

One night at camp I was asked to “babysit” a cabin of young campers while their counselor was in a meeting. About ten minutes after I thought everyone was asleep, I looked up from my book to see one girl standing beside my bed crying.

You can pray about loneliness (part two)

Today, even though we’re more connected than ever, a lot of us still feel pretty lonely. Here’s how we can pray about loneliness—for ourselves and the world.