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How to succeed in school

Before high school, everything seemed so easy. I believed I was smart.

Beauty treatment

Every time she looked in the mirror, this teen author felt self critical and obsessed with all the things she felt she needed to change. That’s when she knew she needed a change of thought—and a spiritual beauty treatment.

Prayer on the way to the peak

As he raced up the mountain, this teen was focused on one thing: the peak. But when an accident happened, his focus shifted to God--and healing resulted.

‘An army of pray-ers’

That Sunday, this author didn’t feel like going to church. Too much homework to do before Monday. But her attitude started to change when she realized what her church participation does for the world.

A trip to remember

I had been looking forward to this trip for months. I was on a glorious flight to South Africa—one of my favorite places in the world—to see my extended family and do service work for a not-for-profit organization that takes high school students to South Africa to do sustainable community service.

Goodbye, performance anxiety!

She always found performances nerve-wracking. So when a big concert rolled around, she knew this was an opportunity for a healing.

Love others? How hard could that be?

His goal for his summer as a camp counselor seemed simple: to be kind in all his words and actions. But frustrations with his campers forced him to dig deeper to find the real source of his ability to love.

A spiritual solution to procrastination

 Procrastination. Seems like it’s just part of high school, and college, and life, right? But it doesn’t have to be. One author shares some of the ways she’s prayed.

‘How is God even relevant to me right now?’

She thought a life of partying would be so much more satisfying than being a “naïve” Christian Scientist. Several years later, lost and depressed, she began asking the question: Could God be there after all? And could He help her out of this mess?

‘I can’t wait for all the blessings’

One teen shares just a few of the many reasons why he’s a Christian Scientist, including the way it’s helped him in sports, in finding direction and purpose, and how it’s brought healing to all areas of his life.