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Young voices

In school, new job, just married? Read stories and insights related to your studies, career, relationships, sports, and more.

Read how this world traveler prayed about threats to her health and safety while abroad.

Meekness is a power

She felt convinced she would enroll in a particular graduate school, but instead she learned an invaluable lesson in humility.

Facing my fears

Eek! When a mouse moves in, the writer begins to see that no form of fear is welcome.

I had to be willing to see the good in this situation, including the ways in which I was growing and things I was learning.

Safety in the big city

The dark and empty streets were intimidating until she began to sing a hymn.

When deciding between taking a course offering an "easy A" or enrolling in a more challenging class, this writer trusts God to lead the way.

A new view on the bus

A change in thought leads this writer to physical healing and an expanded sense of love.

The true adventure

Seeking deeper answers to some of life’s tough questions, this writer finds Christian Science and an end to habits that clouded his thinking.

Healing in progress

A sign on a trail hike inspires a profound spiritual lesson.

On my own—with God

A college grad finds that living away from family doesn’t mean being separated from love.

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