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Young voices

In school, new job, just married? Read stories and insights related to your studies, career, relationships, sports, and more.

My spiritual memory card

When he can’t get the perfect photo, this author focuses his attention on God.


After a turbulent year, this author finds a simple truth is a healing lifeline.

A bridge to home

A desperate apartment hunt yields to the spiritual understanding that home—heaven—is already present within.

When I was a senior in college, I finally had to confront this issue head-on.

A lesson on sacrifice

What can we learn from the ancient Hebrew practice of sacrifice?

An overflow of love

Why is it that love can uplift, encourage, and inspire us, but also be the source of disappointment, anxiety, and heartbreak?

Healing at a bus stop

Even while waiting for the bus, we can help our neighbor.

How a young woman moved on after a broken relationship.

God keeps us safe and sound, even when we’re not sure where we need to be.

Tackling global problems starts with a firm declaration of God’s supremacy and constant care.

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