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Young voices

In school, new job, just married? Read stories and insights related to your studies, career, relationships, sports, and more.

Tracks on the mountain

A day on the slopes turns into larger lesson about what truly leads us.

A fun day at the beach ended with lost car keys. But instead of panicking, this writer prayed quietly—and got a "God's-eye view" of the situation.

This author learns about God’s loving guidance during a tough transitional time in piano school.

This author’s positive, prayerful approach to job hunting helps her discover wonderful blessings.

Love has no opposite

Read how this camp practitoner had a great healing after he overcame feelings of discouragement and frustration.

To honestly see good

Understanding her “real motive” to forgive helped this author see God’s good.

After a bizzare accident, calm thoughts and the right ideas came at the perfect time.

God knows the answer

Just as the earth obeys the laws that turn it on its axis and we see a beautiful, unique, and wonderful sunset in the sky, we also can obey God’s will and see our life modeled according to His plan.

Having a financial burden while in college created an opportunity for Cliff to see God’s law of abundance in action.

All God's creatures...

Emily shares some remarkable healings she’s witnessed involving animals.

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