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Gambling—does it pay or does it cost? - Program 245

- Sentinel Radio 2002
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Lotteries, casinos, video lottery machines—they’re part of a growing trend of legalized gambling in the U.S. Recently the Washington Post reported that many states are looking again at gambling as a way to produce much-needed revenue. But experts point out that with increased opportunities for gambling, come an increase in the number of people adversely affected by gambling. This brings us to a fundamental question: what are the implications of more widespread trust in, and reliance on gambling, on chance—whether in an effort to meet society’s needs or simply as a way to have a good time? We took a look at this issue with several people who’ve thought a lot about the subject—from a congressman, from some professional Christian Science healers, and from a man whose freedom from a gambling habit, and from drinking and smoking, brought him big winnings—freedom and satisfaction.

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