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Prayer about terrorist kidnappings in Nigeria

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Elise says that "there is always hope because God is always present." She talks about the importance of placing our hope in God and not letting ourselves be influenced by reports in the news media or the circumstances the kidnapped girls seem to be facing. She brings out the power of Christ to guide, support, and protect each individual. Comments from people in Nigeria, Germany, Canada, and the United States add to the dialogue on how prayer can help these young women and others who might be in this kind of difficulty.

Among the questions in this thoughtful chat are: how to pray about the kidnappers and to free them from harmful thoughts; whether or not to negotiate with them; prayer for the girls to feel the mothering presence of God; and the nature and value of womanhood. How to respond constructively to random acts of terrorism and to prevent situations like the kidnapping in the future, how to deal with feelings of moral outrage over these events.

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