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Repentance: reforming the heart

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In her opening comments, Jill speaks about the importance of repentance, which literally means changing one’s thinking, and is also defined as feeling sorrow for something done or spoken. Jill points out that when repentance is fully understood and practiced, “it brings healing, enlightenment, and a very clear sense of our innocent, sinless identity as God’s child.” She examines the Bible parable of the prodigal son as a wonderful example of what happens when we really repent. When we recognize our mistakes and change our thinking, instead of being punished, we “come home” to the kingdom of heaven, and find the open embrace and never-ending love of our Father-Mother God.

Jill goes on to answer a number of questions about repentance and reforming the heart, including how we can be sure specific wrongs won’t be repeated, forgiving oneself for past mistakes, letting go of regrets from childhood, repenting of alcoholism and the effects of growing up with an alcoholic father, dealing with guilt, overcoming lust and sin, and even how repentance can heal heart disease.

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