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The garden of His planting

O the summer borders tumbling with colors that never clash, cascading with diversity, originality, individuality, rich beyond human wealth, patterned beyond human art, rooted by rain and blossomed by sun into a symphony of riotous bloom! Such are the flower beds of humanity, tenderly sown by a Master hand, each one of us perfectly placed to enhance our neighbor, however diverse our colors of thought— the graces of Spirit being quite sufficient to bond our hearts and blend our lives. And such is the largesse of our dear Maker that we cannot help loving to flower with each other in the garden of His planting! —Fenella Bennetts.

Endless day

No light-blocked shadows, Error’s silhouettes, Can lurk within Truth’s brilliance, Where the transparency       of true identity Shines out unhindered, Never bound by endless night, But always free to safely stay In Your eternal day. — Steve Ryf.

A myth debunked

DNA not written in stone, not so scary when translated into actual facts. Regarded spiritually, it has to be Delusion Now Annihilated.

The 'D' list

I delight to do thy will, O my God; yea, thy law is within my heart  — Psalms 40:8 Delight to Dwell in the Divine Domain Daily. Dismiss debate.

Coming home

In the cold enclave of self-righteousness From the false confidence and       shallowness of human will Out of the mire of self-searching       and doubt Dawns a new light, brighter still It kindles softly from the depths       of self-surrender A promise sweet, overshadowing       worry and fear What starts as a meek, impossible hope Ripens into a joy powerful and near Home at last, after so long in the cold Home at last, safely back in God’s fold A son and heir, beloved, accepted—      His own, Hand in hand with his Father,       never again alone —Chris Jones See Luke 15:11–32 .

Child of Mine

I have loved you Beyond all time Before there was morning Before the stars did shine Before there were valleys Or mountains to climb I have loved you Precious child of Mine I am closer than your breathing I know each step you take I am with you while you’re sleeping Beside you when you wake And I will love you Eternally Wider than the world around Deeper than the sea Past the horizon Above heaven’s design I will love you Precious child of Mine —Caroline Martin.

Be still...

See Love's view, listen to it, ponder it, even reason with it too; refreshed by its presence, take in its power to renew. Allow its tender comfort, witness its sweet actuality, defeating fear—all falsity.

Fish and bread

There came a day when Jesus said: “We need some fish and bread!” “We’ve only got two fish and five loaves of bread. ” Then Jesus said: “Lord, my Father, I thank You for feeding these people now.

Skip the sideshow

incessant barking insistent harking noise and illusion crooked doors cracking windows funny mirrors phony faces. a carnal mind? only a carnival mind! Not yours, not Mind.

Perfect gift

The ad on the computer screen said, “Enter to win … a gift card. ” Then a light broke in my thought.