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The Designer’s presentation pure protected perfection held in spiritual reflection all bathed by beauty’s light; no darkness, guilt, or night —as no accuser tarries there. * All that’s there is Love’s sweet care.

Rebirth day

Soul originates individuality freshly each day breathes life as Spirit into ideas that bloom and bless in countless ways yes, my being and yours is begotten anew beautifully, agelessly today. —Nancy Humphrey Case.

The Comforter

“I’m way out of my comfort zone …, ” words I so often say, feeling less than comfortable however hard I pray. Then, enfolding me in love, the angel thought is clear: “You are forever in God’s zone, for the promised Comforter is here!”* —Cathrine Hogg * See John 14:16.

Tender words

Tender words in season, no rehearsed reason, tumble unnoticed from humble prayer, bless and blossom in sweet summer air. Not puffed up, publicly blaring, but comforting, spirited, spontaneous sharing.


Dear Christ .


The world calls out, sometimes shouts its blandishments— attraction, distraction. But real awareness stirs, and in silent communion, angels whisper peace.

The song

Followers of Christ With footsteps sure Are led to ministry Whenever called. Love’s message Ever the same— Be still, listen, Fearlessly love! Silence wrong.

Where is God?

God is up and God is down. God is here and all around.

The garden of His planting

O the summer borders tumbling with colors that never clash, cascading with diversity, originality, individuality, rich beyond human wealth, patterned beyond human art, rooted by rain and blossomed by sun into a symphony of riotous bloom! Such are the flower beds of humanity, tenderly sown by a Master hand, each one of us perfectly placed to enhance our neighbor, however diverse our colors of thought— the graces of Spirit being quite sufficient to bond our hearts and blend our lives. And such is the largesse of our dear Maker that we cannot help loving to flower with each other in the garden of His planting! —Fenella Bennetts.

Endless day

No light-blocked shadows, Error’s silhouettes, Can lurk within Truth’s brilliance, Where the transparency       of true identity Shines out unhindered, Never bound by endless night, But always free to safely stay In Your eternal day. — Steve Ryf.