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A poem of praise

Glory to thine ardent Name,  O Lord, our God, to Thee, Mighty Creator of the Universe, We sing Thy praises joyfully, Thine everlasting works we do see, And may Thy Children give thanks to Thee. We lift our voices in grateful praise, Dear Lord, to Thee our voices we raise.


'I AM THAT I AM' * The Word of God to Moses Infinite light. No shadow, no doubt, no argument: Light, the warmth of Love,       the only presence.

'Lydda was nigh to Joppa'

What did Peter think when he received that message, that earnest, anguished request to not delay, to hasten to Joppa because Dorcas, whom they loved, had died?  Along the road, did he heed anew the anguished pleas: “Not her! Not Dorcas!” (She of good works, selfless and kind. ) Did Peter hasten along the road, hurrying forward in full emergency mode? Once arrived in Joppa, did Peter sprint up the stairs, two by two,  rushing headlong into that upper chamber?  Not he.


Sweet sanctuary known only to God and man. Hallowed, unseen, felt.

Finding rest

To think as divine Mind knows Answers all questions Deepest calm That “still small voice” * A life transformed — Brian Kissock * I Kings 19:12  .

Take the plunge

A poem.

Food for thought

Angel thoughts, ascending and descending, on no human staircase depending, transform earth and sky, settle in consciousness, do not fly. You and I are filled with Love distilled,  unending.

All around

The depth, breadth, height, might, majesty, and glory of infinite Love fill all space. *   Early, early, birdsong pierced the dark  and reached into the slumber of all the city sleepers—even this one, who marveled how so small a bird’s love of song could send a song so far, so far.

Forever grace

O Father how I’ve tried to beat the door down  Knock knock knock! Let me in!  But as I learn to pray not    Grace for ever and ever  but forever    Grace for today  I find the door is open. I’m within.

Marriage blessing

We lean not on each other,    you and I, for each is upright, whole. We look not to each other    for supply, for each depends on Soul.