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Upheld by Love I soar so free What is my guide God’s thought of me. … God’s thought is me.

A chaplain’s prayer

The orange suits—camouflage of mortality. For I see who you are—children of the One Parent but seeming              deluded, despairing, cast down.

‘The only true ambition’*

A fitness for service reveals a willing spiritual inclination to dispense good to others, A patient self-forgetfulness with no thought of recompense, A steadfast obedience that exchanges burden for blessing, activity for achievement, That looses from the moorings of self and apathy to freely roam within His boundless opportunities, Never loaded down, but always lifted up. *Mary Baker Eddy, Message to The Mother Church for 1902, p.

The rosebud

The rosebud woke to the     morning breeze And smiled to the world with     consummate ease. It thought to itself: God has    given me room To gently unfurl and present     perfect bloom.


Turmoil, sickness, hatred, sin Send forth their awful, noisy din Yet mortal lies can’t cause dismay, They disappear in Truth’s clear day. For error cannot still the Word; In spite of tumult, God is heard.

Inn or stable?

How often do we have to choose between the “inn” and “stable”? These mental states forever call —to choose the fact or fable. So often on our journey we think the inn will give  us comfort, solace, heaven, rest, —a pleasant way to live.


Herod could not see the star shining above mother and child, heralding divine Truth. Herod could not hear the song of angels o’er shepherds’ fields, rejoicing with the dawn.

Gifts that lift

All rays of light in thought ought to make us humbly grateful. Truth doesn’t come in installments but often rests till we are ready.

God’s promise*

Do not fear, for I am with you, Rise in strength from earthly sod. Those against you are confounded.

'There is none else'

God, the great I AM— the only presence. I AM.