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In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Life preserved

God, Spirit, is Life; therefore, nothing can have existence outside God’s infinite creation. This is our dwelling place, wherein every aspect of being is preserved and abundantly blessed.

Active participation, active love

Exploring this week’s Christian Science Bible Lesson, “Sacrament,” I realized that to fully experience the sacraments of baptism and communion requires active participation. We must give up old ways, be washed clean, and care for one another.

'Even there...'

In April 1970, when the Apollo 13 spacecraft’s lunar landing was aborted after an oxygen tank exploded, the three-man crew faced life-threatening adversities in outer space for several days before their dramatic splashdown in the South Pacific. Christian Science Monitor cartoonist Guernsey LePelley published an unforgettable cartoon picturing a tiny Apollo 13 spacecraft safely sheltered within two mighty celestial hands.

Compelling proof

As recently as 1924, the world believed that the universe consisted exclusively of the Milky Way Galaxy—until Edwin Hubble discovered that the Andromeda Galaxy and others existed outside of and way beyond our own Milky Way. Since that discovery, many astronomers have proved Hubble’s breakthrough correct by discovering hundreds of billions of additional such galaxies.

Ode to joy

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote that “nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. ” This quote is applicable to many things, but I never before thought about it as applying to all creation until I read this week’s Christian Science Bible Lesson, “Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?” It shows that the universe is the manifestation of infinite Spirit—which has got to include joy and enthusiasm! In fact, the word enthusiasm originally comes from the Greek entheos, or “God within.

Finding true security

Whether we’re caught in a terrifying storm, facing some threatening illness, or serving in our country’s armed forces, the Golden Text from Deuteronomy in this week’s Bible Lesson, titled “God the Preserver of Man,” assures us that “the beloved of the Lord” are kept safe “all the day long” ( 33:12 ). The Lesson shows us where we can look for a true sense of security.

Blessings from the creator

This week’s Christian Science Bible Lesson, “God the Only Cause and Creator,” establishes facts about who we are as part of God’s glorious creation and how those facts ensure blessings for us. Did you know that God rejoices in us? When we read in Psalms that “the Lord shall rejoice in his works” ( 104:31 , citation 3), we can and should include ourselves in God’s rejoicing! Now, some may read that statement and think: “That doesn’t apply to me.

Darkness denounced!

Light. It makes things clear.

Soul's dwelling place

Among the 26 recurring Lesson subjects that Mary Baker Eddy chose, some have been theologically perplexing to thinkers through the ages. This Bible Lesson, “Soul and Body,” brings clarification to the still common assumption that an immaterial “soul” somehow resides in a fleshly body, and escapes at death.

Grounded on the rock of Christ

Spending time at the ocean this spring, I often woke to dark, thunderous waves rising ten feet high, then pounding down on the beach. Within a few days, the view changed to one of peace as blue-green waves swayed, barely touching the sand, yet depositing a serendipitous assortment of sea treasures.